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  • You know taking drugs isn't cool? It's breaking you! Physically and mentally! EAT healthy, you'll thank yourself for it later. :)

    Please watch these melancholical tv ads, these ads saved my life. :)
    YouTube - Youthbeyondblue 2009 ad campaign - TV spot 1
    YouTube - Youthbeyondblue 2009 ad campaign - TV spot 1
    YouTube - Youthbeyondblue 2009 ad campaign - TV spot 3

    Ohh yea i could say the same though, year 7-10 i practically topped every subject..year 11 however only 3 :) mental health went down this year! :(

    I'm getting better though (please watch those ads) and i thank one of my teachers for picking that up. :)
    Oh yeah i've heard of that saying used in that context before..
    Just didn't think YOU! would be taking drugs??? I'm appalled!

    what drugs did you take? which party did you go to? i can't say i've been clean either :p

    yess these holidays must have been one of the best ones i have had all year! Watching movies with friends and going shopping and not worrying about much at all!

    I really hope year 12 is not too stressful for me :) I hope i come out alive of the HSC and pull off a great ATAR :) while at the same time working part-time and having fun :)
    awwww what's happened?

    My holidays have been soo good so far :) Watched 3 movies: Up (3D), The Surrogates, G-Force (3D).

    Planning to hit the mall soon for some cadbury mint chocolate :( goshhhh i really want something yummy to eat!!!!

    hit me back :)
    heyyy there fellow insomniac :)

    i'm actually craving some chocolate/cake/sweets etc :( can't find any!

    what are you doing at the moment?
    thanks, you too haha
    i'm sure we could become lovely internet chums buttt i don't really use bos too often. my last visit is 6 Aug 2009 :l
    yessss i love ac :shy: mpp not my favourite album from them though, probs strawberry jam, i just like the picture.
    Today I had the AOS paper in which we had to use "Empire of the Sun" by J G Ballard + 2 ORTs (I used Mona Lisa Smile and Footprints in the Sand - poem)

    The other things we've done are: Judith Wright's poetry, Taming of the Shrew/10 Things I Hate About You and Mississippi Burning/Freedom Summer/Eyes on the Prize
    Well I only had English Paper 1 today... then read notes for Physics + Chemistry and prepped some stuff for English Paper 2 (more essays -_-).
    It's okay :). I'm glad to give out rep when I can to you. You seem nice enough..

    How was your day?

    Haha, I should be reading over more of my notes... making sure they stick in my mind properly >_<. exam time.
    yea rammstein lyrics are pretty lol. i used to think that they were so hardcore and crazy, then i listened to a song called Eaten, by Bloodbath. Here are the lyrics: BLOODBATH - EATEN LYRICS , i like the song but the lyrics are like omg.

    ah i miss highschool and its easy exams. It's always fun to cruise thru easy stuff :)
    and 2 weeks break, very nice :D
    ohk cool :)
    i did german in year 8, barely remember it, but a few years later (yr 10) i got into Rammstein, a german industrial metal band, and that rekindled some german knowledge, lol.

    life is meh atm, uni started again but im still in bludge mode (as usual), i got a fluid mechanics test next week on thursday which will be very hard, and i have no idea how to start studying for it :( i'll start in the weekend, read thru txtbk and stuff.

    how is you?
    bien sûr monsieur, pas de problème. cela n'arrivera plus, oui?

    turns into

    Of course mister, no problem. that no longer will arrive, yes?

    i was like "wut, how do i respond to that", lol
    lol i just saw your rep comment.
    i speak no french at all, haha :p
    Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL, i cheated, hope u dont mind :eek:

    pollen, dust, and freshly cut grass give me hayfever, really really sux since i get it at random times all year 'round.
    'tis the season to be sniffly :(
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