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  • No no no, your speech was not half arsed at all!!

    I'd only started researching a few days before, my teacher hadn't seen it so I emailed it to him at 10pm that night, and then he emailed be back at 11:30 giving me all this advice of things to change.... and I was like FUCK, (!!!!!!!)

    So essentially, yes, I ended staying up till 2am and as a result I didn't know my speech at all...


    No way, no way no way, you were there too?!

    Oh my god, what a small world.
    I do; 4U English, Chemistry [kill me], Biology and and and... Visual arts, another major work, joy. At least I know what I'm doing for that one.

    And you?
    Oh my god, I was thinking of exploring existentialism too! Holymoly! I wasn't sure which texts to do it through though, we're doing the cold war in ext1 so we're looking at Waiting for Godot and Sylvia plath, and (we haven't reall started yet, as my teacher is away -.-) we'll already be talking about existentialism there, so I could get some ideas, and possibly use the texts I find for EEII for related texts for ext1... and belonging, if I'm not pushing it too far,,...

    Have you read any of the young writer's showcases yet? I haven't been able to, I wish you didn't have to buy them online! I'm not sure if we have them at the school library... ?

    But yeah, gosh, must think.. soon...

    Are you going to the extension english day at the uni in a few weeks? I've added you on msn :)
    hey hun
    so far so good! i was 'invited' into extension history today..the teacher that decides reckons he overlooked my marks or some shit..lol what a load
    hows it been for you?

    Sartre... It was too late to change once I had clicked that button XDD

    Everything I think of seems either too hard or too cliche.

    Have you got any thoughts yet?

    Also... Are you doing 10 units too, anddddd do you have msn? ^^
    Oh, I see where you libe... KIAMARRR?!

    Eet is much prettier than polluted ol' Wollongong!

    I am so glad you've chosen critical! At the moment, I've just been looking at the library at Wollongong Uni, (it has some amazing philosophy books and literature critiques... froth), and I've come up with a list of things...

    Nothing concrete yet, but as I love art I was thinking about something on depictions of the female grotesque in literature vs depictions of female beauty, possibly in the aestheticism movement? I love Oscar Wilde's work, and I've read quite a bit, so to be honest I'm trying to base a thesis around that, which is probably a bit of a backward way of doing it..

    I've heard that you should steer clear of going too philosophical, but I was also thinking of looking at texts that have nihilistic perspectives, and the implications of these on contemporary thought.. Referencing the philosophy of Nietzsche, and looking at Satra and Kafka's stuff...
    quoting the matrix in philosophy makes you a fuck wit
    But I do now!
    Since that post I went to Sydney and ate about six falafel kebabs and am now a dedicated fan!

    We only have two kebab houses here.
    ohh i see.
    well in that case, you are kindly welcome for thanking me for kindly giving you rep for a post i agreed with.
    I'm eighteen in 2011 November.
    When are you eighteen?

    I can't wait to hit the clubs.
    How did you even get an ID?
    Planning to go clubbing sometime? Not talking about under 18 nightclubs...the ones for 18+ :)
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