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  • wow, you're quite insane! im pretty un-functional if i havnt had enough sleep.
    dont you have school tomorrow too? you'll be in zombie mode all day :p
    tomorrow as in saturday? or as in today?
    either way, you need to get started, missy!
    if its due saturday, then i'd go to sleep now, and do it tomorrow.
    if its actually due today then u need to pull off an all-nighter!
    no friends from school?
    3 bosers in my friends list went to same highschool as me, and 2 of em i see regularly at uni.
    over half of them added me, and i barely talk to, the rest i've added, and half of THOSE i regularly talk to on bos/msn/facebook.
    so yea :eek:
    YES i agree it is very bland tasting, which is why i never eat it, tho it does taste good in a crepe with mexican beef mince and sour cream.
    i guess that's because u can barely taste it :p
    hey thanks so much for that little bit of rep on my major work. that really made my day. <3
    sorry for the slow response - you can just select 'all other repairs' and alex (the guy who owns fixpod) will take a look at the phone, figure out what's wrong and send you a quote.
    is this who i think it is? John Howard was many things. There is the ordinary bloke who enjoys spending time with his family and watching the cricket. There is the strong willed man of principle that his supporters like to imagine. There is the rat-cunning oppurtunist feared by his opponents. Then there are the gredations inbetween. John Howards extraudinary success came about because he was all of these things and many more!
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