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  • Ohhh, the 'Biography of a Classmate'... right. I thought you meant Prospective Biography!

    So many biographies in SCIF <_< . We better get our marks soon.
    Really? I can't remember me writing that...

    Wow, I must write in a confused daze which I don't remember afterward <_<
    Tutoring? Like... HSC tutoring? Sap money from those Asian kids who want to do well =P

    And also - yeah, I think they'll put the marks on blackboard. If they don't... that'll be annoying.
    You can try reading a book. That sometimes helps. Me? I've just been watching TV, and catching up on some FIFA on the Playstation 3...

    And see, you have your month planned out! I'm still in the planning phase of a few get-togethers with friends... which has derailed into "omg you made apple pie?!"

    And when you say 'get marks back'... do we have to go to the uni to get our marks? Really?
    That's why we catch up on sleep or on lost time playing video games! Or catch up with friends from other unis... that's important.

    Month off should be good though - if one knows how to use it.
    Oh you guessed... so that's how. Ah well, mystery solved!

    Yet another face to a username. Good good good.
    Oh yes, if you'd like to - you can call me out on the Facebook page. That is, if you're on it. Or, I can call you out first - any ideas? =P
    Who is this? Shadowdude of course. Are you in the Facebook group firstly? If so, it could make this a whole lot easier by FB chat.
    Nice. So you did SCIF! So if I told you the words: "sultanas at camp", you'd know exactly what I'd be talking about =P

    But uhh yeah, my perspective biography's going well. I'm trying to intertwine mine into other's so we present one unified story (you'll see some quasi-planning on our Facebook group - if you're in it).
    Hi aya-chan,

    I was just looking at your signature when I saw you do Science Advanced at UNSW. Does that mean... you did SCIF1121, or are you one of those sneaky people who have wrong degrees in their signatures?
    ok this is random but omg is ur bos name referring to 1 litre of tears? cos if it is then you're cool haha =P
    Aww really? It gets better in year 12 lol.
    Exactly... sort of legit ways. Most of the time was taken up getting to the rivers so that we could test the water XD
    OOOOoooo, it should be an extra curricular - just call it the "Environment Group" ;)
    Aha, yr 11 chem is a bit dry - it gets better in year 12 :)
    Nice, nice. I remember that i pretty much never had double PE prac because i always went on streamwatch to test water XD
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