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  • I got pneumonia and thought it was a cold but it kept getting worse so ended up in hospital but their first 2 courses of IV antibiotics didn't work etcetc.

    And yes, hit me up with your tumblr! I'm a tumblrer too
    I, uh, ended up in hospital for a couple of weeks and am now on bed rest. But getting better!

    Are you living in Melbourne atm? (something makes me think you are, fb?) Living in Melbourne and exploring abandoned buildings actually sounds pretty cool
    HI how are you? Tell me about life and the real world. I've been stuck in bed for 4 weeks and I miss the real world :(
    LOL, ive heard of kidneythieves before. But yeah that dude sounds excessively creepy haha, what a punk...only a complete dilusional nutjob/psychopath would commit suicide just for the experience.
    There are heaps of awkwardly named bands...when I come across them, Ill post them on your wall :)
    A lot of the bands that Im into are bands that I think everyone has heard of lol....from the radio, guitar hero etc etc. I dont know, Im not really into creepy bands that perform some sorts of strange demonic rituals while jamming out lol, I mean as cool as that sounds...its just a tad creepy. I dont know who it was, there was this one band that had a video clip with (real) dead people in it. Ill remember it soon haha.
    Haha yeah I love The Doors but not many people of our generation seem to know who they are, shame, there were so many good artists back in the day.
    Yeah the GH guitar is also 5 keys and a strum thing and then a whammy thingo (I dont know the proper term for it).
    Do you like Dire Straits?
    I'm not really familiar with the 40s lol, I go as far back as the 50s and I guess with Arab music I go back further than that cos the new Arab stuff is just shit lol.
    garbage hahahha....I've never been a big fan of em to be honest :p have you ever listened to The Doors? They're more of a sort of classical Rock kind of band. I dunno some of their stuff is borderline swing too.
    Haha GH3 on hard is a real bitch, what's the guitar like on the PS3? Do not attempt Dragonforce on Hard.... It's suicide. Do not even try Raining Blood on hard :'( I failed miserably lol.
    And desensitized...I mean that after listening to heavy metal for a few hours I feel like I don't care about anything, I don't behave rationally and I have an urge to hurt people. Not thatvid act on it but that's just the feeling I get (no creep I promise lol)

    Haha well boom late reply back at you I was asleep haha.
    Whose Glenn Miller? (Don't judge) but yeah damn boy you have good taste in music. I like a lot of the bands that you mentioned. One thing I hate though...that I really can't stand is crappy generic pop music.

    Expert on GH? I envy you :( I've got GH3 on Wii and its pretty good. I was on YouTube for a while wearing how to go expert and stuff and on the play station and Xbox, you could tap down the green once and then every green note will be automatically hit for you, but there isn't the same thing on Wii. (Sorry for the relayed reply, I was busy making cupcakes lol). Yeah cannibal corpse is full on, thing that scares me about death metal is that I feel like I'm completely desensitized after a few hours of listening to it. I don't know if you get the same feeling.
    I'm finding it very difficult to move from medium to hard on GH. I think its just the different tempo that's putting me off...I mean I can play some songs like barracuda and when we were young and reptilia but other songs are way too hard. Any tips?

    And hrmmmm favourite band, that is a really hard question. I'm into all types of rock and metal so I guess its hard to pick just one. I mean I like everything from punk rock sort of P!ATD to Kings of Leon to Cold Play to Led Zeppelin to Cannibal Corpse and Death. Loo what about you??
    Also into all sorts of music. I like the know the music of the 60s to the 80s. Your Beach Boys to Aretha Franklin and even groups like Technotronic haha.
    kinda, I don't really know that many bands. I just love Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc.

    not really into other metals because half the time i can't tell the difference between the countless subgenres lol

    I actually pretty much listen to anything, including hip-hop, classical, videogame music, movie soundtracks, pop songs, rock (anything that i think sounds good)
    yeah lol always wondered how he found those bands haha

    also sorry for crashing ur convo :p i'm a huge iron maiden fan so i was like "metal? OMG!!"
    Oh okay lol, yes guitar hero is awesome. I can't play a musical instrument unless you consider the recorder, triangle, xylophone and marracca as musical instruments :/ so GH makes me feel slightly less incompetent.

    Really? I didn't really expect anyone on this site to be into any form of metal so yeah it was like "omg whoaaaaa clockwork soldier is into metal....."
    Lol such a stalker :p but seriously, what's wrong with guitar hero?
    Okay stalking you too, quite the musician I see.... And wow someone who is also into metal. I bow down to you good sir.
    Oh, and yes, I do sort of have a propensity to overdue it (just slightly) with the smilies. Bear with me... I'm an idiot. :D (see? did it again)
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