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  • Those crazy alien antics :S... Sounds brilliant XD. Okay, here's what I'll do, I'll 'acquire' all of 'Invader Zim', and in my Uni holidays, I will... WATCH THEM! :) (then I'll get back to you about it)

    I guess we are the privileged ones then :p... And embrace your inner NERD! :D (I know I bloody do)

    Well, nyeh :p (yes, I am that mature)... Have a great day!
    I swear that ONE DAY I shall :p (Oh, and terribly sorry about the lateness in reply)

    Hehe, I try to say the exact same things about mannerisms in regard to Joss Whedon's work (to my friends)... it never works :/

    Yep, my MOTHER (she's a bit of a lunatic, and not in the good way). Just kidding :) reminds me a bit of Brain (from Pinky & the Brain, I mean)...'Yes, finally! The Happy Sappy Children of Many Lands ride! Where cheering music will spread the message that a mouse should rule the world!'... or... 'There's only one ride that interests me - the incredible thrill ride of taking over the world!'... or something similar :D
    :O, me too! :) I wish I could honestly afford them on dvd, but I've spent too much already... (well, I don't have the original 1960's versions, but I've pretty much watched from Tom Baker onwards)...

    :D Glad to hear it...

    Yep, heard of it, but I've only really watched a few clips :/ My friend tried corrupting me with it unsuccessfully about a year ago, but I became too distracted by other things :) (i.e. Supanova, at the time)
    Why thank-you very much ;)

    I must say, just from seeing the phrase 'Doctor Who' in your profile, I can likely say the same :p
    I banned myself from everything noneducational.

    Anyway, instead of texting you this [credit and all], I'll talk to you tomorrow?
    Figure out a time and talk on BoS?
    I meant that they talk about it a lot, but not making it seem like a bad thing.

    Haha, I generally pass out at like 5-7 now, and wake up 2-4 hours later for my 9AM classes... Like 5-10 minutes before. -.-"
    Will try to improve!

    That's fine.
    I have to go to Anatomy at like 2.30PM. So... I may or may not talk to you when you're back...

    Have fun! :)
    Quite the opposite... Haha...

    Ah, would the messengers work?
    Or the notes? :p. [Do you even remember that we had those?]

    Only days I can't talk to you around this time is tomorrow [12-4 or 9-4, depending on what week] and Friday [12-4].
    The rest are fine~
    But everyone can see... o_o
    Eh, don't care.

    I kept getting kicked off.

    I know, haha.
    [Everyone here knows. -//-"]
    I know your cousins girlfriend?

    how do you know this, and what's his girlfriends name?
    and am I the Ann you're referring too? haha
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