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  • Haha, that's ok =] I went through and read the rest of the stories and I reckon yours is the best in the first 20+ pages! It sounds like you have an awesome Dad =]
    idk. because you've had it since the start? and i always see it and am like oh hai. i wouldn't recognise you with another av :p
    just one request, dont mention bos on my fb wall (not a massive fan of my rl peeps knowing about my internet ones) :p
    can't afford to move in reality. and i get it pretty good at home tbh. the travel to uni is a pain, but the free food is an epic plus, so is the company :eek:
    it's nice, a bit lonely i suppose. guess i'm just so used to having people around all the time.

    a sharehouse would be awesome fun :) lots of partying i presume? ;)
    i'm in syd... as per usual. though home alone for a week. everyone's gone off to coffs, but i have summer school. kinda weird not having 4+ other people around all the time
    how weird is it that it's been a year since we were freaking out like the little kidlets? :jaw:

    good luck to your gf btw :) (iirf she was an 09er?)
    1am curfew is killing my social life :( it's ok if i'm going out around the norf shaw but if i head into the city i have to leave early. mass sigh :( and especially sucks for concerts :(

    other than that, living at home is pretty schweet. :D
    oh cool. still with the gf?

    im at usyd doing that psych thing and squishing it with as many arts subjects as possible. still living at home and hating curfew :p

    i have purple hair these days :D
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