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Recent content by counterman

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    Advanced engineering

    So, should I just take it up then drop it if I don't like it ?
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    Best/Most Useful Textbook

    Thanks, got it at Seven Hills. It was for a person who's special to me .
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    Advanced engineering

    Hmm. . building a car . Do we have to buy the parts with our money ? =\ Hang on, does it go for a semester only ? LOL, quantum physics and gadget machines ! That's a good one ! That would be a bit weird..
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    Advanced engineering

    what was wrong with them ?
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    Advanced engineering

    Also, I heard that if you undertake the Advanced Engineering program, Macquarie Banks hires the all the undergraduates in the 2nd year ? Can anyone confirm that ? Yep, does Advanced Engineering offer any benefits later on ?
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    Youth Allowance !

    Awesome, thanks for the link !
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    Youth Allowance !

    Hey, has anyone applied for youth allowance yet ? How do you apply ? How does it work ? Since I'll be commencing full-time study soon, I would like to have this settled before uni starts. Oh, and what if i'm independent (i.e. living away) ?
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    What's a minor in commerce ?
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    Veterinary Science

    Hey, I'm just wondering - if Veterinary Science only has Main Round offers, what are the number of offers ? How many is for Broadway Scheme applicants ?
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    Standard or Advanced English

    Yep, I agree with that. I would recommend attempting Advanced first and, seeing how you go in the first term or so, decide whether to continue doing Advanced. The extra conceptualisation in Advanced would benefit you if you move to Standard. So, if you have the chance to do Advanced, give it a...
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    How to answer essay question properly

    Definitely only use techniques that are relevant to the question. Adding a linking sentence at the end of each paragraph does not help your cause as the markers can tell the techniques do not support your answer to the question.
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    Best/Most Useful Textbook

    Oh, I've checked most of the Dymocks at the City and they say they haven't got it, which is a bummer. Five Senses Education? Are you 100 % sure I can get it there ? 'Cause it's a pretty far travel. Also, which location ? Seven Hills or North Rocks ? Thanks
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    Moving from Standard to Advanced

    If you have an opportunity to move from Standard English to Advanced take it if you think you're capable i.e. able to cope and do well . I agree with Rainie . Check out what is included in the Advanced English syllabus and compare it to Standard English work and see which one you find more...
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    Acronyms !

    Here are the few acronyms that I've used for Global Business: GLOBAL BUSINESS STRATEGY Methods of International Expansion: Foreign direct investment Export Relocation of production Management contract Licensing/franchises FERMAL (pronouced 'thermal') Reasons for Expansion: Diversification...
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    Advanced engineering

    What are the pros and cons of doing advanced engineering ? Seems a tad complicated .