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  • hey hermand!! thanks for that!! if i were u i wld def. ask kitiikhun for some French resources that will improve your French if you stick by them :)

    He is very helpful ^^

    i see he made you a friend!! :D yay! My French buddies on BOS have united :D haha
    Not sure how to fully say this in French but in English...

    Do you know of any French programs that you can download on to your ipod?

    Also, which French movies do you recommend to help improve your accent and listening skills?


    aww je sais =(

    aww, pas mal. j'ai beaucoup de devoirs surtout la matiere de maths et je suis fatiguee.

    comment allez-vous?

    j'espere que vous allez tres bien =)

    desole pour mon manque d'accents

    Maintenant j'ecoute de la musique de Michael Buble pour je me reposer:)
    sure! i'll bring it tomorrow sorry i didn't get the message yet. you can have it for free BUT
    could i have it back at the end of the year cos my little brothers doing french haha
    hey Hermand!

    Je fais des devoirs de francais et je ne comprends pas la suivante:

    ' ma grand-mere me fait toujours la morale'

    I'm assuming it's something like:
    'my grandma always teaches me the right thing to do??'

    Am i close?
    i only just found it haha. and i was like HEY i'll add you. lol.

    no, i don't. i thought we'd established that?

    ps. 1:57 am. and you think i don't have a life?! haha.
    haha i didnt even know you could become friends on this site, clearly my boredofstudies expertise is lacking
    115 posts... do you have a life?
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