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    would this work / can i appeal?

    So i just got pulled over for rbt and they noticed i don't have my red p's on .. he gave me a fine for it which also takes 2 demerit points. I've had a infringement before so basically i have no points left ..... My legit reason was i just picked up the car from the body shop and everything...
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    can you change your timetable during uni?

    Hello, currently i have a prac class that starts on wends at 6pm and finishes around 830, before it was on friday during the day but i was forced to move it because i have something important on for 2 consecutive fridays and don't want to miss the prac. So during uni, is it possbie to move my...
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    RNP parking ticket fine?

    Hey guys, so on the way into a beach in RNP, there was this gate where you had to stop and buy parking tickets. I bought it and it was 11 dollars and when i parked i forgot to put it in the display window .. so when i came back i recieved a notice on the windscreen saying i have to pay 11$...
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    am i getting underpaid ?

    Hey, so after 2 years, im returning to a fast food store that i used to work at, but this time there is a new owner. He said he will pay me 12/ph and im 18, just graduated from year 12. i think i'm a casual...... and this is cash in hand. but i hear my friends at mcdonalds getting paid...
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    Cops and cameras in royal national park?

    no, just a cruise :D
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    Cops and cameras in royal national park?

    Hey guys, just wondering are there speed cameras in royal national park ? down from sutherland that is, and what are the chances of cops just camping there? :O thanks.
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    Going for my P's in two weeks. Any advice?

    exaggerate all head checks.
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    FEAS (Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme) Interviews

    how was it ! :O the guys that had it today
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    should i drive? :S

    i live in bankstown.
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    should i drive? :S

    okay, can you tell me which bus to take and where to get off ?
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    Worried for my sibling's course choices

    just let her decide for herself, and she will change, like you. but hey, at least it will balance out the engineering ratio :)
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    I'm a mess, someone help?

    if you get first in all your subjects, youll be fine and you're aiming for 99.65 right?
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    ah okay, i get you, let me fix it up.
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    Hey guys, so recently i noticed my physics rank was 4th, and i thought it would be 3rd so i went to my curriculum coordinator and she said by judging by marks, i should be in his spot and told me to come back tomorrow because she wanted to talk to my physics teacher. here are the task. Task 1...