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    Travel - Which is better for a Uni student?

    For the monthly, quarterly, and yearly tickets, if you lose them you could always report it to cityrail with your receipt number and then they will mail your train ticket within 2 working days.
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    Hi there, i googled around about transferring from acu exercise science at strathfield to...

    Hi there, i googled around about transferring from acu exercise science at strathfield to another uni and it came up with your post of transferring to human movement at uts. I was hoping if you could answer a few questions as i couldnt find any other post about transferring from acu exercise...
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    Desperatley Need Help! No Tax File Number!

    what happens if we forgot it or we cant the number we were given out? My tax file number sheet is locked away in the safe and the key is with my mum whom is overseas.... >_<
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    Learner's Test.

    Hey there, so im currently studying for my L's (a bit late) and my questions is would i need a guardian/parent with me to register to do the test since im 18? And also any tips on studying for your L's? Its a bit tricky for me.
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    When do we get our HSC results and ATAR's?

    So HSC results on the 14th of December at 6am. And ATAR on 15th of December, but at what time?
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    International Studies

    do you know when you leave and when you come back ?
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    General Thoughts: History Ext

    nah i estimated it with 27 lines each page and with each line i wrote around 9-10 words so yeah
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    The rise of far right-wing groups of Europe

    No i dont think right-wing group would rise up in Australia like it is in Europe. Australia has a pretty good economy due it being commodity-based and a generous social welfare system that looks after low-income families when in need.This is in contrast where Europe is having economical problems...
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    General Thoughts: History Ext

    Question 1 - I referred to E.H.Carr mostly and then some for Herodotus and then a little on Natelie Davis.Only write 5 and half pages for this but well over 1000-words. I even counted! Question 2 - I waffled on this with JFK a lot.I didnt really link it the question a lot and just went on about...
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    It's the end...the dawn is upon us

    i hated high school for me. A lot of um idiots in my school just wanna mess around, throughout high school i held onto the hope that after 6 years of misery uni's going to be a blast with no such people in uni.
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    What happens if the person coming first internally fucks up externally?

    so then i would get the raw mark of my exam? Would it be moderated or scaled since subjects are harder then others?
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    What happens if the person coming first internally fucks up externally?

    what happens if im the only one doing that subject?
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    End of Exams

    LOL same here! Im the only one doing extension history in my school so its pretty much just me in the exam room since the construction boys would prob walk out after one hour (hopefully) and so ill finish at 4pm and the school will prob be empty. When im gonna walk out of that exam, im gonna...
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    raw marks for 2u?

    I'm getting bad marks internally in maths and my schools rank isn't so great. That's why I'm so worried about needing to pass maths in the external exams. Does anyone know the raw mark of a pass in the hsc mathematics exam?
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    raw marks for 2u?

    does anybody know whats the raw mark for a pass in the exam?