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    Law at Macquarie

    what's the lecturers like? Isn't professor Fraser racist and crazy?
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    Law at Macquarie

    The course does sound very interesting. Thank you for your insights :)
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    Law at Macquarie

    Hi: I was wondering if anyone here does law at Macquarie? What is it like? I am considering it as an option for next year but I am absolutely clueless.... im thinking of combining it with business adminstration or commerce... can someone give me a general picture of what its like? e.g...
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    Society and Culture:General Exam Thoughts

    Finito! it was a good and fair paper. Allowed room for elaborate and show understanding. Im so relieved it's over.
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    Climate Change/ Global Warming

    Hi all: I'm sure most of you have seen/heard the campaign on Walk Against Warming, an initiative to raise awareness and urge government to take greater measures in our usage of greenhouse emission. I would love to join walks like this but in stead, i'll probably stuck at home studying for my...
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    Holocaust historiography

    Are you referring to the Holocaust from the WWII Conflict in Europe topic? Well anyways, either way, just include intentionalist Vs. functionalist. Intentionalist: Browning - Hitler's commited to final solution from the beginning Michael Marrus - Hitler's intense hatred of Jews was...
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    Conflict in Europe 1935 - 1945

    my bet is on the Holocaust and the turning points of the war. I don't think they will put a question which is in the specimen paper (i.e. the impact on civilians)... History is HUGE.. HUGE... learning two world wars and one Germany in between in less than a year's time is almost...
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    PoP Culture ToPic

    Rock'n Roll
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    Leading Edge June Lectures: Zenith Theatre

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING? OMG!!! Tim Riley was the BEST!!! I GASP at the thought that anyone thought Riley was boring... although my friends did fell asleep during his session... UNBELIEVABLE!!! He was SooO engaging and links economics to the REAL WORLD!!! I got his autograph by...
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    Att: 2006. King Lear introduction by Mercedes

    Hi. Im doing King Lear as well and my assessment is in.. precisely 72 hours. ARGHH... Anyways, onto A. C. Bradley. Basically his view is that [Correct me if i'm wrong] he talks of characters as if they are just normal human beings, experiencing familiar human emotions adn thoughts. Bradley...
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    PIP Survey: Parenting!

    Harlo! I'm doing my PIP on changing nature of parenting from the 50s to today and examing the changed attitudes, disciplines, values as well as the social forces that are driving these changes. I guess we all have experiences, opinions on our parents and they way they raise us and how we would...
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    2006 PIP Progress Thread

    have not started writing. Well.. 2 sentences of intro and it sounds so corny. More research... i dont get how people can send out 300 surveys and analyse them. Good efforts....
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    Max/Min Question

    A point A lies on the curve y= x(5-x), and a point B with the same x coordinate as A lies on the curve y=x(x-3). Show this information on a diagram , then find an expression for the length of AB, and determine the max. length if 0<x<4 (this is meant to be smaller equal than) Would u be able...
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    PiP LEctures 2006

    Pink Uniforms.... lol that was Cheltenam Girls... People around the area call them 'the pink elephants'...
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    PiP LEctures 2006

    serious? That's crazy! LoL first and last band 6 student... THere was like a gang of students cheering for him. He seemed like a really cool and popular teacher. How mad would it be to be in his class... It seems that all society and culture teachers are left wing, out there teachers that...