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    Favourite item of clothing

    ^^^ keep in my mind they run kinda long
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    What type of jeans?

    ^^^ 501's
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    What type of jeans?

    i don think he'd be familiar with them but if he did im sure he would leapt at the chance to recommend them in his expensive brands diarea.
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    Favourite brand of shoes?

    pretty sure you know where carhartt store is, everyone does. follow that stupidly steep hill down, turn right and it's one of those terrace looking places. very easy to miss as signage is minimum to non existant.
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    Favourite brand of shoes?

    our spot atmosphere scares me, although the staff are friendly it feels like i'm not really allowed to know where it is. good find btw besides my above qualms their prices are fairly reasonable... unlike incu...
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    Favourite brand of shoes?

    you fucking rule for knowing of them or you fucking rule for owning a pair? if it's the latter i am pretty much jealous, i can't justify dropping 500 on them achilles lows.
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    What type of jeans?

    if you don't know what OP looks like please stop recommending. waffling on with a bunch of brands you think are cool will not work nor will the constant "lol skinnies". really you guys are submitting everyone to occular pains if OP is fat. probably most productive post in here is the levis...
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    the 'I HATE SUPRE' thread

    i was under the impression UO is the american version of GP.
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    fashion epiphanies...

    the saggy diaper look similar to how thin finn's look when dumbasses sag them too much.
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    Where do you reckon is the best suburb to live in Sydney?

    If you lived in Vaucluse you'd be travelling in your luxury german sedan not crying over the lack of public transport.
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    Your ONE favorite brand. ONE. (1).

    hedi era dior homme aside from their more utilitarian jackets, gstar looks and fits like shit.
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    What do you hate about law students?

    What I hate about law students is that they are pretentious enough to think that we'd actually care about a thread like this.
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    What looks hot and sh*t on the opposite sex! Tell all thread

    Stay away from clothing which obnoxiously shoves the brand in your face. I don't own any a&f but from what I have seen (very little) it fails this criteria. Hard.
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    What looks hot and sh*t on the opposite sex! Tell all thread

    I was considering ordering from Context back in July when the dollar was ~0.94 Since things were so good I decided to wait until parity. We all know how that turned out.