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    I got mine towards end of last year. Its from Reform (so gay) MY school jersey looks shithole. =( so jelous other school jerseys look 100000000000000x better
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    improving modern history essay structure?

    For usefulness and reliability add more, Author Origin Motive of sources Period written (eg, during ww1) Date source Perspective (what perspective is the source from) Content (what is the source saying) Audience Bias of source Usefulness reliability
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    exchange rate movements and inflation.

    An increase in inflation will cause a depreciation in the australian dollar/currency/exchange rate. Too much money/credit flowing in the economy decreases of the nation currency rate. Low inflation causes an appreciation in the australian dollar/currency/exchange rate. Less money/credit flowing...
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    Please help me to solve this?

    LOLS my bad didnt see your post cockeyed here ROFL
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    Maths Questions

    Your correct =) It is 1/5 + 1/3 = 8/15 1 divided 8/15 = 15/8 = 1.875 Then you use that figure and press that degree minute button on your calculator. Which gives you 1hr 52mins 30 seconds.
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    Why did u choose standard english?

    what mark was needed to get into eng advance?
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    feedback on my related texts and ideas pleasee!!

    I havnt seen the movie but i believe Chinese Cinderella it sounds like a good related text (similar to Lars & The Real Girl: Lars mother died while giving birth to him) according to your discription. It covers the concept of Isolation, alienation, relationship, acceptance, exclusion and shows...
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    ATAR of 93+

    Yes you can achieve an ATAR of 93. as long as you score a high band and 6. Because you are doing 12 units and if your math mark is lower than your other subjects mark, it wont be counted. Try to aim a percentage of 90-100 for all your assessment in school.
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    Please help me to solve this?

    It cannot be solved. It does not tell you how many months it been overdued.
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    any1 going nelson bay, port stevens etc for schoolies?

    Noppeee. Gold coast ftw!!!!!
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    HEEELOO KIDD, its Matthew.E from ya modern class =)

    HEEELOO KIDD, its Matthew.E from ya modern class =)
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    How to write a Band 6 extended response in Economics

    Hello BoS users, How do you write a band 6 extended response in economics in terms of structure of essay, and/or anything else that will will help to get a band 6. Thannks =)
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    implementing monetary policy

    Domestic Market Operations (main instrument in MP) = the buying and selling of commonwealth government securities to influence the cash rate and the general level of interest rates. Contractionary stance (tightening) : RBA sells government securities = shortage of borrowable funds = increase...
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    Writing Legal Studies Essays

    It's similar to english but there are additional points that's just for legal study essay. Here is a checklist for Legal Study essay writing which may help you:
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    Legal Study Essay Checklist

    Okay Guys, My teacher have gave me a Legal Study essay writing checklist. This checklist is mainly for legal studies but may be used for english essays in some instances. Here it is: a)Question attack 1. Is the essay a relevant answer to the question? 2. Is every aspect and every...