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Miss Successful
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  • dude telling u 3on3 bball bring shoes and shorts, we're playing monday tuesday and friday - BE THERE
    etymology of the word success

    success 1530s, "result, outcome," from L. successus "an advance, succession, happy outcome," from succedere "come after" (see succeed). Meaning "accomplishment of desired end" (good success) first recorded 1580s. Successor "one who comes after" is recorded from late 13c.

    "The moral flabbiness born of the bitch-goddess SUCCESS. That -- with the squalid interpretation put on the word success -- is our national disease." [William James to H.G. Wells, Sept. 11, 1906]
    guess who popped up on my news feed last night?
    candle :p
    [in the innocent sense of the phrase, considering the sort of perverted minds coughnutcrackercough that are on this page ;]]
    i shall :)
    [can't sleep because i'm worrying about ___. wanted to bitch about ___ with you on the way home today - coz i remembered you hated her in year9/10, something to do with the netball team - BUT NOOO, YOU HAD TO CATCH THE BUS].
    i might be up for a while longer, but you said goodnight, so when i do get off, i will be able to sleep =)
    you go to bed though, NIGHTTT.
    and i think the brain incident was pretty much the same. both smitten at an early age too. must be like a drug or something, they can't give it up?
    omg lollll!
    dammit i wish i'd seen that!
    jx isn't pretty, she's just...outgoing in an asian way. you know how all those asians seem to.. flock together in a group? because they're asian. and... cool? i can't explain it >_<. it sounds lame when i try to articulate it >_<". but you get what i mean? never mind, i don't get what i mean ><"
    heyy, could you delete that pac stuff now that i've read it? thanks :) i'm just really paranoid ><""
    i'm pretty sure the whole ___ incident made it clear that when it comes to appearances... yeah.
    and dude, you are prettier than jx. or.. maybe it's because i don't like her too much >_<" but i don't think she has any natural prettiness. it's kind of just.. polished/fake prettiness.
    nith is good for me x]. or, i could call you FRED if you prefer x)

    gandalf is way cooler than dumbledore ;] seriously >D
    YOU WILL TALK TO HIM. for me, yes you will =)
    and i would, but as you say, it's too painful to write >>" i cbb >>"
    hey, is it okay if i used the 1st 4 letters of your first name to call you by, or do you mind?
    just that it's frustrating typing out 'miss successful' everytime i talk about you >_<"
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