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  • Cool, I just have two more to go lol.
    Not sure if I wanna takeover the whole of Caladria or start repairing my relations with some of the other factions, hmm...
    Omg mang I am owning the shit out of blue (rhodoks maybe) in M&B.
    If I take all their castles do they get wiped out lol?
    hey man
    i dont know why but i feel bad calling u "stupid" and "idiotic" etc
    Its good that you are inquisitorial and dont just believe what your told
    But your approach is very misguided as you base it off the approach of others and the archetypal repudiation for the non-existence of God
    keep questioning though, and hopefully you can draw your OWN conclusions rather force the conclusions of someone else
    + just keep reading info on the web and researching to broaden your knowledge
    im not going to lie, but your views lack substance

    but keep questioning
    (no sarcasm, im being serz)
    good luck with hsc and everything
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