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    Order of sections?

    3, because I wanted to remember all my quotes, but only ended up doing both prescribed, and not my related, Then half of 1 (up to c) And then all of two, And then the rest of 3, except for the conclusion, And then back to 1, c and half of d And then the conclusion in 3 And then the rest of 1...
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    memoir, speech or story?

    Memoir, My story did not fit the curious traveler, and i had no time to think, so i guessed a memoir was memories...and adapted a tiny bit lol. I think it was ok...
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    worst/best english novel you have ever read in school?

    Best= Tomorrow When the War Began-Yr 8, Looking For Alibrandi-yr 10, Emma (once I was able to read it)-yr11, and my Ext English speculative fiction text Cyteen, which was as hard as anything to get into, but so good once I started to understand what was going on... Worst= My forbidden Face (only...
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    Graduation Discussion

    Re: Graduation Day Some of these plans sound interesting, lol. Mine is: Tuesday: Normal, Graduation practice, class parties Wednesday: Half day (grad paractice) and Graduation mass and prizegiving at night Thursday:...was Beach day, but apparently costs $1500 to hire beach, thus we are...
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    FAQ - Frontline

    woo, thank you soooo much for all of this! Its great to have a summary of all the eps, because so much goes on in each individual one, and its hard to keep track of what happened where, etc. If that makes sense...:uhoh: But yeah, thank you!
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    Conventions Of Speculative Fiction

    What have you got? I haven't got...much...:uhoh: :rolleyes: -Holding up a 'mirror' to reflect societies problems. Also a tool to create empathy with characters/circumstances -Explore possibilites of future, asking 'what if' -Predict reactions of individual or groups to new science or...
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    all you speculative fiction people out there ^^

    Hmmm, does the lack of replies indicate lack of people actually doing SF? How goes Cyteen?
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    Speculative Fiction ppL!!! anyone do cyteen? handmaid's tale?

    Are you talking about that man on the beach? Twas Sucky. :vcross: lol. Do any of the OP's have old notes for Cyteen? No-one besides my class seems to be doing it now, so any help would be...well, helpful :D '
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    How Many Chapters Are Your Pips Guys ??

    I have 6. I began with 6, and found that my first 'topic are' was too broad, so I shortened it back to 5. Then I began writing and found I actually needed to add another chapter to make it flow better.
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    twilight series

    no way, Robert Pattinson is THE perfect Edward. He is sooooo SMEXY
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    twilight series

    yeah, i would definetly reccomend it! its a great read, and all of the ppl i have reccomended it to really like it!
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    twilight series

    i was just about to start a thread about this. I lOVE the twilight series. i love bella, i love edward, i love jacob. i love all the characters, and i love the story. i think stephanie is a brilliant author, and i would recomend this book to anyone. (i've already gotten a group of 10 girls...