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    Why we Procrastinate (HSC Mentoring)

    Hey BOS, I recently gave a talk at The Scots College on Why We Procrastinate which might be helpful for some of you! I had a really bad flu on the night so please excuse all the stumbling! I'm a Psychology student researching a way to link our personality traits with our ideal study habits...
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    UNSW Food Guide

    The Pho at UNSW is actually the roundhouse especially
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    Course Selections for Semester 2

    You should really go and talk to the first year advisor or "Contact" or something. Better still, sit down and read your handbook...
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    art works returned!

    yeah if your artwork is returned you haven't been selected (sorry), the ones they want go through a curatorial process and you get an email if they choose you, one person at my schools was selected so hers didn't come back.
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    PSYCHOLOGY - which uni?!

    Psychology is awesome, I do it at UNSW. I'm happy with it, everything is online. You can be a registered psychologist doing com/science at UNSW, which is what I'm doing. Not with arts though.
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    The HSC Learning Survey. Win $50 gift cards.

    Definitely! Have given the survey to recent school leavers and even a few teachers.
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    The HSC Learning Survey. Win $50 gift cards.

    Congrats to Melissa from Port Macquarie who won the voucher. Interestingly, the most insightful responses were from students who lived outside of Sydney. Anyway I'm going to give away another $50 card in a week because you people are so smart, so keep the responses coming. Feel free to PM me...
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    The HSC Learning Survey

    Hi Prelims, It would be awesome if you could help us out by completing this survey about the HSC: This was initially posted over in the HSC forum, but it would be interesting to see what Year 11's have to say. Thanks!
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    The HSC Learning Survey. Win $50 gift cards.

    Yep I'll email the winner tomorrow at 10:30am. AWESOME RESPONSES KEEP EM COMING.
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    The HSC Learning Survey. Win $50 gift cards.

    Hi guys, OP here! Great responses and feedback so far :3 We need as many people as possible to do this survey before Monday morning!!! Thanks heaps :D
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    mental illnesses - discussion, rants, frustrations, speculation etc

    I think its important to note that depression is often caused by activities in the person's world, same goes for anxiety, ADHD, bipolar. Even if everyone around you is dying, if your depression is interfering with your ability to function properly for a long time, you should definitely see...
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    UNSW Tips & Tricks?

    I love this thread! Can someone tell me which places at uni never close? Allnighters at uni? Use the Foodcourt to get to Matthews You can generally get away with not having the right bus ticket. Can someone tell me why everyone lines up for the 895's after Uni when the Town Hall buses always...
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    USYD or COFA for Bachelor Fine Arts/Visual Arts?

    Please please please don't do a degree in Art. If you want to dedicate your life to art, don't go to uni! Nobody is making you go to uni. I mean do you want a job? IFF/ONCE you have a good/stable job, come to COFA and do the Fine Arts degree part time. It'll be the best thing you ever did...
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    Which Uni is best for media and communications?

    It depends on what kind of journalist you want to be. If you want to be a well connected, intellectual elitist, go to usyd. If you want to be an extremely highly skilled, well trained journalist working your way up, go to UTS. Don't come to UNSW. Better yet, if you want to be a well respected...
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    Can I do Flexible Core Courses in 3rd Year

    Anna Trivedi is trying to make me do them now, but i dont wanna!