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  • Hey, thanks for replying :)

    Well it's good to know that you enjoy it. I am actually thinking of goin to the UNSW info day next month. So, if you are available you can show me around ;) hehe. Coz I'm thinking of going there to study social work :)
    Hi there :), I'm quite new to writing messages on bored of studies and trolling HSC students with their marks but I just wanna ask you about UNSW (since you go there and you seem to love the place :p). In your opinion, What is the uni like? Does it have a good social vibe ? And also, do you enjoy studying there? So yeah, that's my questions. Hopefully you can help me out :). Thanks!
    Nawkay fair enough :)

    And thankyou! Nah UNSW atar's are too high for the courses I wish to get into (around 99.4) so UWS it is!
    and in regards to tutoring,
    I had 100% all intentions for you to tutor me
    but after the pms
    I felt that neither of us would be able to get along irl if we're going off each other on the internet and that you h8ed me regardless of what I do or say

    but if we get it resolved, I wouldn't mind getting tutored if you're still interested

    up to you
    don't likewise me

    i've been trying to fix this by ignoring all this shit
    and you keep trying to provoke me

    you're making me sad :(
    I hope you achieved your objectives
    yeah I checked uac. and it is possible. what would be better do you think? is it easier to transfer to a single degree or easier to transfer to a double degree.
    I can get in b engineering (Chem) / b engineering (materials science)
    now my options are to take this course and transfer to b engineering (chemical) if I'm struggling with the workload. or do b engineering (Chem) and combine it with materials science in the second year if I do well in the first year.
    what would be the better option ?
    k bro. I got a UNSw Info Day thread up, maybe you want to use it? should still be in new posts
    mr shadowdude is there a BoS meat being organised on UNSW info day on 4th jan? halapenyo said you were behind it and i am interested
    can i transfer to a single degree at anytime of the year despite my gpa?
    and if i start my first yeat with a single degree, can i transfer to a double degrree in the second year?
    all by myself! don't wanna be all by myself anymore
    oh and when doing double degree, I get separate certificate for each degree right?
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