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  • Hi there,

    i was on the chemistry forum and you said you have some ppapers

    it would be so greatly appreciated if u could send me some

    Hey Spiralflex,

    Can you give me preliminary mathematics, mathematics extension 1 and chemistry past papers and notes please when you're available? I've heard that you are one of the most generous people out there who are willing to help others.
    hey SpiralFlex,
    firstly id like to say thank you for posting forums that contain past papers, that extremely generous of you!

    In on of you forums you said that people could message you if they are having trouble looking for past papers. buuuuuut, according to the site it says your inbox thingo magiggy is fulll.... soo... Yeah, Spiral i am currently having a hard time downloading the files you posted on the forum, especially the maths 2 unit and 3 unit past papers. I was wondering IF you wouldn't mind, sending me some past papers. If you do mind, i understand. But thank you again.

    sorry to bother you and hope you had a great day.. :):wavey:
    There is no need to ignore peoples requests man. We get it, you've helped everyone and on the fourm you asked us not to post here about past papers/exams. Yet you made it out to everyone that you will update them and you havent. It doesn't hurt to respond to any of the people who are asking, even if you are going to say no.
    It's a matter of courtesy...learn it.
    Hey man, in your dropbox you don't have any economics ones there. Is there any way you could send some through, or know if you'll put them up? :) Thanks for everything man!
    Hey there,

    Your inbox is full so yeah. It's yours. I live in Burwood so give me a date and time and you can come and claim it.
    Hello, a friend of mine of recommended me to you for UMAT resources and past papers. Can I please get some UMAT resources from you please? :)
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