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  • Woo, real world content! :D I'm pretty excited to start Uni. It sounds a million times better than school and I only have 14 contact hours haha.
    First year is somewhat intense. Most of it is more of the businessy IT stuff which isn't my strong point. I've heard that in the second year the programming gets quite intense.
    Sorry, didn't mean to upset you. I meant that nay for me because I don't have any maths in my degree. The extent of the maths is the same as was in the SDD course.
    Yay, that's good! I have also heard that comp sci is one of the more flexible degrees in that department. More maffs for you to eat.
    What made you change your mind with the degree preferences?

    Sorry for the late reply. Got hungry and distracted by TV and people.
    Don't do. it's just all marketing. Trust me. I know a friend of mine who's doing it right now and he says its the same things you can do elsewhere for free (esp. with societies and all that). Also, they require you to take an internship, but they don't give you one, you have to look for it. So basically it's kinda like the same thing as finding an internship yourself.
    Ahhh, I was close. :p

    Sounds like a pretty cool degree and glad to see you continuing with maths as it seemed like something you really enjoyed. :D
    Woah, didn't realise you were gone that long. Seems like you're spending most of your time online. :p No foreigness there.

    Are you doing CompSci at uni?
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