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  1. thisiswar

    Applied finance- Macq. Uni

    Well i reckon prof accounting would be better since u can either become an accountant or go into a related finance field.. I dont know what jobs u can get with economics, maybe become a lecturer or something. :)
  2. thisiswar

    Getting through the period of Trials.

    Make a study timetable...most say it doesnt work but it actually does coz it keeps u motivated to study. And make sure u have adequate breaks in between where u can just do ur own things and not worry about doing work. THink of hsc as just like any other exams u have ever done. And if that...
  3. thisiswar

    What will you do after HSC finishes?

    My advice: get a job if u dont already have one coz ur parents will start making u pay for ur own stuff, and also...find a hobby :D
  4. thisiswar

    How to address lecturers?

    LOLL i loved that haha xD Ok thanks. So first names arent rude. Right. :D
  5. thisiswar

    How to address lecturers?

    Hey all, I have a really dumb question that probably everyone knows the answer to.... Say when you're writing an email or asking the lecturer a question after the lecture...do u address them as Mr/Miss/Mrs so-and-so or Sir/Madam or do u call them by their first name? i thought it would be rude...
  6. thisiswar

    ilecture not loading/working

    maybe u need quicktime player or something like that...
  7. thisiswar

    What is iLab?

    Hi, I was came across iLab on one of the information booklets we got during enrolment and i was just wondering what is it used for? Is it compulsory to download? Thanks
  8. thisiswar

    What to bring?

    Just a question...do lecture notes usually get uploaded b4 or after a lecture? And if u take sufficient notes during the lecture is it still worthwhile to have a look at the lecture notes? thanks :)
  9. thisiswar

    MQ Chatter Thread

    What happens if it's not on iLearn?
  10. thisiswar

    What do you bring to uni?

    Oh ok thanks for the advice :) Are the lecture notes that the lecturer uploads online exactly the same as the actual lecture? So if u miss something during the lecture u can just go online and look for it?
  11. thisiswar

    People and Planet units

    So u can't have an elective that is a People or Planet unit?
  12. thisiswar

    People and Planet units

    Hey all! Im just a little confused... When do we pick the People and planet units? Anytime in our course? And also can they be part of our electuves or do we have to pick them seperately to our electives? Thanks
  13. thisiswar

    What do you bring to uni?

    Well some of my friends type faster than they write so they bring laptops :) So how about textbooks? Are they just for reference at home or do we have to bring them to the lecture everytime? (seeing as the lecturer already has notes..) And do u bring the lecture notes to the tutorials? =S
  14. thisiswar

    What should I do?

    I dont suggest dropping "down to general maths" coz then you have to catch up on a whole term's worth of work. Even though it's "easy" they learn different things that arent in the 2U syllabus. I reckon PDH would take up more time but that's just for me. If u think you can definitely improve 2U...
  15. thisiswar

    21 hours of study a week

    If u count doing hw as study then that's possible otherwise if it's just study for 21 hrs...that's a bit too much