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    The Official 2010 Pre-HSC/Trials Rage-Quit Thread

    have speech for mod c eng next week have physic assy this week trials in 4 weeks have finish any of my dot points oh yeah UMAT screw my life
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    Atar disadvantaged scheme/points

    remember disadvantage points are not visible to your atar depending on the course they might accept them or not
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    Any Tips For Attaining 95+ Atar?????

    effective study and not hard study
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    What mark are you expecting in 4 unit?

    very bad hoping for band E3
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    Good Subjects for Year 11/12 ?

    general maths, ancienet and legal will scale you down
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    how do u study Hamlet!?

    thats true its kinda really hard if you have a prepared esssay
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    Is Advance English WAY Harder than Standard English

    advance in terms of work is harder in terms of marks is easier to get a band 6 in because its nearly impossible to get a band 6 in standard maybe <1% of students
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    Worst scaling? Or close to?

    all of them are relatively really LOW scaling just achieve over 90s' and you'll be fine!!
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    4 unit Topic ratings

    easiest to hardest: -curve sketching -complex numbers -integration -volumes -polynomials -conics -mechanics -harder 3 unit in my opinion are easiest to hardest
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    Complex numbers help

    the modulus is 2 but the pi/3 that you found is the argument (z)
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    JULIA GILLARD at the top job

    Yesterday was a day of histroy and a day of worries The way the Labor party conducted their internal struggle is considered both joyful and cynical Gillard as PM: -will implement a new NATIONAL CURRICULUM, instead improving Australia's education but moving backwards -is to abolish the rebate...
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    The Official Basketball Thread

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    The Official NBA 2010 Finals Thread

    no thread for the nba finals GAME 7!! on about an 1 hours time at lakers home who do you think will win????....GO BOSTON!! lol
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    CSSA vs Independent Trials

    exam choice does not look like a hsc style paper, however i did do a exam choice paper in my half yearlys for physics 2008 mixed with 2009 and scored 90% however multiple choice is quite difficult
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    Legal Studies or Ancient History

    both subjects are really low scaling keep ancient because its more interesting