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  • hey mate if you fail a course do you have to do those six units again the very next semester or can you do it at any point in your degree?
    haha, still, it's really good that you are willing to do that *pats you on the back*
    um, not really.
    i really want to like get ahead on all my subjects during the summer holidays, meaning i would probs be a hermit -__-

    haha okay :)
    nah, i said it wrong there but didn't wanna fix it up, i'm 1/2 paki (my dad) 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Turkish (my mum) HAHAH sorry!
    majority of the family live in australia, and a few of my cousins are in england so yeah :L

    how's uni?
    ugh, you are dead lucky! man, having a really strict pakistani family is the worst.
    all the aunties/uncles judging me and saying i should get married soon ... whatever :L

    just parametrics -__-
    what subjects did you do ;) perhaps i could sway you into giving me some excellent notes :)
    oh cool! dad's from karachi and i was born in new zealand :)

    HAHAHA, yeah true. trying to teach myself some maths ext ... aw, how did your exams go! woo, party, what are you planning to do?

    so is your family like strict pakistani, or pretty laid back?
    cause my dad side of the family (pakistani) are really strict, like if they saw me with a guy, they would think i was some slut or something :L :L
    hahahaha! what part of pakistan you from? born in australia, yeah?

    thanks, but failing majority of them -_-
    um, planning to hopefully get into medicine ... hopefully!

    what are you doing up so late, mr ;)
    doing eng adv, maths extension, bio, chem, SOR II and CAFS :L

    got myself a rishta i see ;) [swear to God, if you don't understand urdu!]
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