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  • in year 12 right now, please kill me now.

    oh sounds good ;) what nationality are you, since you already know mine? haha
    stressing about exams coming up ;/ gonna fail hard -__-
    oh cool! then you get heaps of time off, yeah?
    what uni course?
    my brother goes to usyd hahahahaha, doesnt unsw have heaps of stairs ? thats what my friends told me anddd i might come and see what its like, ohh okay fair enough :p
    umm probs bio and pe or geo and ancient haha but im still tossing between high schoolor primary although i really want to do high school, i personally like uws and ive been there ( i snuck into one of my friends letcures classes) and its closer to home :3
    ohhh thats heaps nicee
    ummm well uws but either parra or bankstown, in ctown it doesnt offer the course i want so the other two are the closest hahaha
    thats alright i guess, what do you study know? ummm i want to do masters in secondary education :p
    yesah its a pretty intresting place hahaha, howd you go in your hsc, id probs hang around also after the hsc :D
    is it better to do chem eng in unsw or do mech eng in uts with the 1 year internship. I really like phys chem and maths though. I don't mind what course I get in to. just the quality of uni I guess and perhaps the job demands for future years is what I'm worried about
    idk, I saw somewhere you mention engsoc, that's an engineering club thingo at uts, maybe unsw too then i guess
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