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  • nah man.. just going there for 1 hour of social sports.. otherwise im studying at wollongong

    lol! of course man. what course you doing?
    I know one software engineer from my school..where are all the comp sci kids?

    Haven't heard of that - are you referring to CSESOC or something else? Link me?
    I've enrolled in Comp1917 and INFS1603 (as well as my jerk-off course) but the 1 of 2 tutorial for MATH1131 is 100% full, I presume, since there's no more classes I can enrol in. Timetable thus far.
    I looked up what courses I can actually still enrol in and basically 2 of ours will be at the same time for first semester.

    Which, imo, is still pretty good because we aren't married.
    I might dump my free elective into this semester. Probably Terror and Religion (basically a "why muslims are terrorists" class).

    Hahaha oh man, still can't believe I got in. 0% effort for 100% reward.
    Yeah I'll let you know, I've still got to enrol in all my courses. I'm only doing MATH1131, COMP1917 and INFS(enternumbers), though.

    What kind of thing were you looking for? Late starts or early finishes?
    Yeahp, just did it. Software Engineering. Was getting worried for a bit. Enrolling now.
    We get a choice?

    I haven't accepted it yet because it says (bascially) that I got offered Computer Engineering out of the 3 on the same code. I want to enrol into Software but don't want to accept an offer for a course then have to transfer before semester starts.

    I'll give it another look now and report back.
    yeh alrite, doubt i'll make it tho.

    took like 4-5 weeks to get 600 rep points :cry:
    Uhh... sorta, yeah~

    Either way, just need a car / force a room mate to go get shit for me to eat
    loolololololol the curry, yer i noe him... skinny cricketer bloke..
    Yeah. Trying to coax one of my awesomer friends into going to Bankstown campus instead of Penrith because I'm more than likely going to live on Bankstown campus so she'll have ~friends~ regardless. Could also sit in on her lectures.
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