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    And LOL. Dude, the nutcracker thing cracks me up too xDD
    I probably should have chosen a better name, but when they said 'pick a username', I looked around my room and saw a postcard about the Nutcracker ballet, and seeing as I couldn't think of anything else more original, I chose that xD.
    Oh oh! I went on my first two driving lessons! I'm really bad at turning corners! >.<"
    Life's good. Doesn't look like I'll get into my course. I think I'll just take a year off and go visit my cousins in Italy. I don't use my real name on BoS (I tell people I'm called Federico, but I'm not), how about you?
    sorry to be a bother lol but have you made notes on ancient? If so, would you like to share? :)
    Your name is "x_jiim" An x is, at least in my family, written on birthday cards to mean, "kiss". x=kiss

    Therefore, your name means, "kiss_James". Hence, you love Jim/James.

    Your posts are funny too, just like your lame name, my girl.
    yeahh same here. Still got a lot to cover by the look of it, which sucks big time lol. Have you done notes on them?
    heyy, i see that you do ancient :) have you guys started Pompeii and Herculaneum yet?
    hehe, no problem =]

    happy new year, hope you're having a great holiday.
    Haha, yes it is x] (Omg, how did you get it on the first go?!)
    Yikes, 20-25min script?! Hope it's finished by now x]
    Goodluck for tomorrow! <3.
    Sooo, I should be studying for all those exams I have next week, and shouldn't be distracting you from your drama err speech/essay/whatever it is you have to do for tomorrow, BUUUT. I re-found these forums, decided to join and now I'm hooked ><"

    Guess who this is. xD
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