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  • never heard of dance academy :p
    lol ours had to be 5-7 mins long. I managed to get it in 7 minutes :)
    finally, its over! may have lost a mark due to fidgeting during the speech. oh well... only weighted 10%
    ohhhh only 43 days left. gotta start now! how long does it take you to write study notes?
    remember, don't procrastinate! :shy:
    i actually am getting plastic surgery :)

    for my nose hahahaha

    but that story is for another time..
    well i suppose it isnt much of a story

    do u wanna become a doctor too?
    im the best pilot

    bahaha i always thought half half were hot..
    but seeing that u go to ruse..
    i suppose you just killed that image
    im a pilot :)

    you know those things that fly..
    i try not to crash them into buildings

    which nationality are you then?

    im just curious
    so why do you know the nato alphabet..

    i can just imagine you three sitting in a circle ..
    and then suddenly gandalf says.."ive got a great idea! lets learn the nato alphabet!"
    ahaha which abc show might that be? I haven't been watching abc kids for like 3 years! I remember my fav show being bananas in pyjamas :p
    the speech is on the delian league :/ lame lame lame
    after this, NO MORE ASSESSMENTS... until the trials in term 3 week 3.....
    after trials after trials!!
    when's your drama due?
    it took me 4.5 hours non-stop to do finish it.
    my god.

    but gaaahh, now eco to do T_T
    LOLL, i heard about that! x]
    oooh, sexy x]
    bet you wish you could have used those as your hooker heels, huh? x)
    hey thanks :D yeah i know its so not worth it but i can't help it lol. maths was alright, albeit 4u was easier than 3u. apparently the 2010 hsc 4u paper is gonna be really hard (according to my tutor) because 2009 was easy. hmm but then again, those are just assumptions. I think I prefer harder papers because I know I make silly mistakes =p and easy exams just don't work to my advantage.

    aha yer you are so lucky. stress sometimes works against me. lolololol five year olds ahaha

    POST HSC :D :D :D I can't wait!!!!

    good luck for drama. yeah I still have an ancient history speech left. thanks and good luck to you too :)
    haha it's okay.
    LOL MOD.
    what happened was, for that exam, burgess told us to research "the policies implemented by the japanese in east and southeast asia and its impacts on civilians" and we would be given a question and have to right an essay on it.
    we were all getting freaked out, trying to think of what the question would be.
    when reading time started and we looked at the question, the whole class burst out laughing
    because the question was "evaluate the impact of the policies implemented by the Japanese in east and southeast asia". LOL.
    ecooo... i guess it was alright. i was expecting the essay question so its just a matter of whether or not they like my essay. which they probably won't, given how unstructured it was.
    how was ancient?
    and dammit! i can't see the shoes! it comes up with a 'photobucket bandwidth expired' image =(
    last night, i went to bed at nine.
    thank you for waking me up at 11:30 to wish me luck for eco =="
    shooeee porn?
    damn you T_T
    finishing so early T_T
    i still have eco and mod and 3u and more eco to go T__T.
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