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  • Lol hey.

    Doing 2U is sufficient for Physics. The maths isn't that hard itself, it's more of "how to apply the formula and what it means"

    If you want to see the concepts, you should look in some Physics textbooks and the syllabus, because I can't say them all here lol but I'll give you a very brief overview. :)

    Basically the Prelim topics are:

    The World Communicates - that's about you guessed it, how the world communicates! You learn about waves - electromagnetic (e.g. light and radio waves) mechanical (e.g. sound) and how they are utilised in communications, so e.g. you learn about satellites, sonar, radio, (Internet) optical fibres (which is an application of total internal reflection of light).
    LOL omg i meant that i edited that comment, i typed everything in caps and it did that lame auto thing and un-capped everything, and all meaning was lost etc
    stream. you?

    holidays have been great. I've been studying :p how are you feeling about starting year 11? excited? scared?
    I know - less than two weeks! :( I don't want to go back to school..
    Hey matt
    how have u been?
    the magpies been behaving themselves??

    holidays are nearly over, its all gone too quickly. wish there were more of them. You using them well heheh

    hope ur enjoying them, take care and ill ttys

    sigh, im ready to get this hsc tihng over and done with. bring it ON!!!
    yup that show. have to make sure my parents aren't around when I watch it otherwise they'll think it's porn.
    ohh yeah.. the bounto saga.. I watched all of that! it was so painful! giving up now :) tell me when it gets more interesting.
    definitely lawliet :D
    at first I liked light, but then he became so evil!!!
    and I like good guys more :)

    I watch heaps of anime. I'm watching Elfen Lied atm.
    oh and I see you watch Bleach! I gave up on it coz of the fillers :p
    Ask what?

    Hey you should start becoming a regular at bos irc :) i don't like being the only 11'er there
    Thanks for rep :)
    I don't work in a NSW store, so they might actually have some of those packs. Its just the stores near me (in WA) that have none.
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