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maths advanced

  1. D

    Will This Ruin My dreams And Aspirations Of Becoming An Engineer?

    Hi, today i had a test for maths advanced it was a formal assessment and it was so hard so i ripped a few pages and put it in my pocket (with the bad intention that i might have the opportunity of retaking because the teacher might of thought he lost them) later in the day he called me out of...
  2. D

    FREE Maths Advanced Topic Tests and Online Workshop - Integration (Yr12) & Trigonometry (Yr11)

    Hi all, my name is Danny and I am currently a 4th year medical student at UNSW who graduated back in 2020 with a 99.70 ATAR including 99 in 3U maths and 98 in 4U maths. As part of the resources I develop for HSC Math students, I've made some Maths Advanced topic tests for students on the topics...
  3. H

    dropping to standard maths and the atar

    hello!! im currently a maths advanced student in year 12 and no matter how much effort i put into preparing for an exam, my marks say otherwise. which is why i want to drop down to standard maths, is it a good time to? or should i just keep it? i struggled a lot with mental health, but...
  4. K

    Math resources

    Hello. I made a website if anyone is interested in using that sorts HSC maths by topic from all different school trial papers, however, there are only questions for 4U Proofs Vectors, 3U Trig, 3U proofs, and 3U vectors. Please upload any questions that you have! It is available at...
  5. aqwerty13402

    What do I put on my cheat sheet

    I just have a quick question on what to actually put on my cheat sheet. I have an exam in 2 weeks on chapters 2-6 (Cambridge Textbook) and I don't really know what to write on my sheet. I'm pretty good with most chapters so and ofc we get the formula sheet. Would you recommend past hsc questions...
  6. sakinluvo

    Is it possible to study a terms worth of Maths for my test in 5 days?

    Hi everyone. Im doing Adv Maths and I have my first maths exam for yr 11 and I was wondering if its possible to do anything in these 5 days. I got mediocre on my topic test and apparently the test is much harder and im worried now. As stupid as the title might be, Is it possible to brush up my...
  7. bluntacademicweapon

    Should I keep maths advanced or drop to standard?

    Hey guys, I am having trouble deciding if I should keep maths advanced or drop to standard. I just got my first HSC maths advanced mark back and got 45% for a task that weighs 10% of my internal. Would I still be able to get a band 6 and what marks would I need to achieve in the next assessments...
  8. W

    An AI that helps you solve HSC Maths problems

    Hi, I created an AI that’s trained on the HSC Maths syllabus. He (”Algebro”) can help you figure out problems easily by uploading a photo of it. Currently, he can help with Maths advanced, ext 1, and ext 2. If you’d like, you can try it out here: algebro.me A bit about me: My name is Alisa...
  9. M

    Best NESA Approved Calculators

    What's the best NESA approved calculator for math E1/E2. I'm talking as many functions as possible like vectors, complex numbers etc
  10. M

    Math Advanced

    Is the course difficult, do you think it's worth doing for only 2 units? How's the jump between standard 2 and advanced since they are both 2u
  11. O

    Maths Advance Marking

    I just want to know what you guys think Maths Advance scales like. Like for example, approximately what would be my scaled final mark if I get a raw mark of 65 in Advance maths? And what would a mark like 75 (raw) scale like?
  12. S

    UNSW Medical Student | 99.75 ATAR | Online Maths, Chemistry, UCAT & Business Studies Tutoring

    |⭐ 98 in Advanced & Extension 1 Mathematics, 97 in Chemistry, 96 in Business Studies⭐| ✅ Online Maths, Chemistry, UCAT & Business Studies Tutoring with 2+ Years of experience ✅| 🛑 LIMITED SPOTS REMAINING FOR 2023 SO GET IN TOUCH QUICK 🛑 Hi, Saksham here! Here's a little summary about me: ✔ I...
  13. panikinprogress

    Standard or advanced maths?

    I'm contemplating moving to standard maths for year 12, because I've heard a lot of good experiences with it from other people. The main benefit I'm interested in is the fact that I'll have more time freed up if I move to standard, because of the decreased workload. My maths advanced results...
  14. neqr1te

    Should I drop Maths Ext.1?

    So I got my marks back for the prelim yearlys and unfortunately I kinda flunked mx.1 (below 40% 😬).. I'm not sure what the average actually was but I do know that a lot of people I talked to got around the same or even lower than me. I can def say that I probably got a below average mark though...
  15. J

    Q12 b) Abbotsleigh 2U Trial Paper 2021

    I’ve been doing the 2021 Abbotsleigh 2U trial paper found on acehsc, and while it says there are solutions none are attached. If anyone has solutions that would be great. Otherwise, I can’t seem to figure out how to do question 12 b). Does anyone know how? This is the question:
  16. Bob99

    PDF, CDF probabilty help

    I have been having trouble with understanding what PDF and CDF probability topics are. Can someone please give a summary with things that are unique to these functions? Such as any identities, rules, etc. Thank you.
  17. moonbow

    subject help pls (mostly worried ab scaling)

    hello :D this is my first post so im not sure if im doing this right anyways my current subjects r english advanced, maths standard, economics, legal studies, korean beginners n modern history. im aiming for an atar of definitely 90+ and it wld b amazing if i cld get 95+ but idk if itll b rly...
  18. mary555

    how should i study for the maths advanced hsc this year?

    happy new year everyone! i hope 2022 is a good year for all of us :) this year, I'll be taking my hsc for maths advanced and sor 1, but I'm not sure how to study for the former during the holidays this month. my teacher said this time is crucial to prepare, so i want to use it effectively...
  19. C

    Dropping Subjects

    I currently have 13 units and I don't think my school allows 13 units + I don't know if I can even handle it. I was thinking of dropping either history extension (which I just picked up), SOR, or Maths Extension 1. I don't know if I can handle history extension in all honesty it seems extremely...
  20. isabella05

    Help!! General maths not being a thing anymore..

    I'm currently in year 11 and in advanced maths. Rather than doing maths standard, I remembered having general maths as an option in year 10. I've switched schools since then, and the syllabus for general maths no longer exists. I want to drop to general maths in year 12. Is there another name...