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    Drawing phloem and xylem L.S. and T.S

    LOL what a cute drawing ;)
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    Raw mark scaling for Biology?

    Is the scaling approximately the same every year? Or was it just that particular year?
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    Anyone else done subjects they regret doing?

    I regret taking Chemistry. I wish I'd chosen Ancient History
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    UAI's, is anyones bellow 90?

    At least a 90 for B Commerce at UNSW or USYD. Either that or an 82 at Macquarie
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    Burning Your Stuff!!

    Won't anyone save their notes for siblings or friends? :P
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    How many exams do you have?

    8 if I include my HSC practical exam last month :P
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    how many pages per section?

    A: 6 1/2 B: 7 C: 8 My friend used 3 booklets for Module A o.o
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    I feel the same as you. The Siege is really good but I might change it now 'cos nearly everyone that posted here said they were going to use it.
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Yes, you have to know their purpose.
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    Best Textbook

    I use Heinemann and Jacaranda but I find Jacaranda blabs on too much sometimes. There's a lot that's TOO detailed. I also like those colourful ones... the Surfing ones? They have a book for each topic.
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Wow, I never knew so many people were doing Add Sex and Stir.
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Yeah, I've heard that they can but they haven't done it any other year so hopefully we won't be the unlucky year :O
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Just wanted to know which of the 'Frontline' episodes are the most popular. Which episode/s are you guys going to write about in the exam on Monday? I hope they're not cruel and name a specific episode :mad: I'm going to do 'Add Sex and Stir' and 'The Siege'
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    Q26 - Distribution strategies

    I totally hated this question!!! I started doing export... then changed to selective distribution so I did half-half of each. I'm screwed :(
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    Who thinks the bOard of studies planning of exams stink with the amount we get

    Can you tell me where you get those statistics? Thanks =)