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Recent content by Christofu01

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    What to do in the morning before an afternoon exam?

    This morning before my Japanese Continuers exam, I went down to the beach for an hour or so, and went out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I was really relaxed before I went into the exam, and despite the fact that I didn't study much at all I'm still confident of how I did. I think I'm going...
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    stupid shit you've done in class

    In year 9 science, whenever we did a prac involving chemicals of any kind (which was obviously quite a lot), a few of my friends would put a little bit of each one into the container that used matches were supposed to go in. By about term 3, it ended up burning a hole through the container and...
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    How much is it necessary to prepare for each speech, on the chance that they prescribe it? And would it be possible to disregard Deane's completely, as it was prescribed last year? I have a couple of main speeches I prefer to talk about (Sadat and Lessing), but I'm not sure to what extent I'll...
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    Test and compare your internet speed

    Download is 6.59Mb/s Upload is 0.26Mb/s Loving the excellent internet speeds...
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    Procrastinating English so hard...should english be replaced with philosphy?

    I think I'm completely screwed for the English HSC, judging by how trials went. Throughout the year, I was averaging 85-90%, ranked 48/135 before trials. Then trials come along and BAM! my mark was around 70%, trials rank 115/135 and drop to 69/135 for my final internal ranking. Note that this...
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    Trials Eco and Eng Paper 2 (Modules on same day)?!

    I have my jap speaking on the 1st of August, and then english paper 1 and jap reading/writing listening on the 3rd (first day of trials block), should be fun. Oh and don't forget food tech and ext 2 maths on the last day of trials, both 3 hours kill me now
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    how productive were the holidays

    Went to Singapore for 8 days with my school band, so I would say highly productive
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    When are your trials?

    3rd to 17th of August
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    How To Be Not Completely Screwed for my Chem Test Tomorrow??

    Until then, I may be not completely screwed :P
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    How To Be Not Completely Screwed for my Chem Test Tomorrow??

    I just looked at sample answers for relevant questions from the 2013 HSC, and they are nowhere near as in depth as what my school currently expects us to do... Thanks for your help though, I'll just look over the key words on the Board of Studies website tonight and make sure I know as much as...
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    How To Be Not Completely Screwed for my Chem Test Tomorrow??

    I know a lot of the content, but don't always know how to create my answers for the questions. My school seems to be extremely finnicky about it, and I don't want to lose as many marks as I did in the last test from slightly wrong answers. So do you have any tips on how to best create my answers?
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    Past half-yearly papers ?

    Just do trial ones, but pick out the questions you're able to do.
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    Hsc subjects :)

    He has 3 extension units in that 13 (Ext 1 and 2 Maths, Ext Jap), plus he did accelerated 2u maths, so I guess he's only really doing 11 at the moment
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    Hsc subjects :)

    One of my friends is still doing 13 units...