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  • Best of luck for Thursday for French! I know you will do well. French is cool. Oh and good luck in all of your other subjects as well. Study hard and don't regret anything!:):):)
    haha didnt neg rep you for sounding like a bitch.
    oh well, we even now,
    gl for exams.

    haha I will try my best to live up to your expectation, dani :p lol
    I am sure you will do as well as you hope :D
    awww thanks hermand! i owe you one xD
    I hope ur studying is going well :D

    don't stress and good luck in HSC!
    yea study is mean and evil. I was in a constant state of cbf'd'ness during my hsc year, and i definitely could've gotten a much higher uai, lol.

    nah im not on holidays yet. Last week of uni left, no lectures running, only tutes, meaning i get monday and tuesday off, and the other 3 days only consist of a 1hr calculus, algebra, and fluid mechanics tute :)
    Salut hermand, :)

    Comment allez-vous? J'espère que vous étudiez dur et bien pendant cette periode très stressant et agaçant pour vous qui êtes en terminale.

    De toute façcon, à ma question. Est-ce que vous savez quand vous vous présentez à votre examen francais? Avez-vous déjà passé votre exam de la compréhension orale? Ou est-ce qu'on passe tous les examens sur un seul jour? (that would seriously suck if you guys do have to sit all of the French exam in one day!)

    Bonne chance! Je vous souhaite le meiller tandis que vous passez vos examens d'HSC. Je sais que vous les déchirez sans aucun doute. :)

    P.S Corrigez mes fautes françaises, s'il vous plaît.

    A plus.
    HAHA, im looking at routes on google maps, and at sutherland station (in street view) i can see at least 7 carinbah high kids.

    also, i saw someone at sutho station once who kinda looked like you, turns out it wasnt =[[
    one hour a week :eek:
    ooh geebus you must have had a rough year with your personal life and that :(

    that's true :(

    Anything that's worth doing is worth overdoing!
    heyyy thanks for your prompt reply :)

    hehaha so i'm guessing you did 6 hours a day :p lol jokes

    it would have been good to do more work during the year to make me less stressed right now.
    maybe i should sig that don't you think?

    soo on average about 1 hour a day on mx2? thought i'd probably do it every second night :) wouldn't want to do it everyday..

    thanks for sharing :) I really hope to pick up myself in terms of organisation, homework, marks, etc :D

    Hopefully i do not regret anything :) but that's impossible right?
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