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  • Cool, but keep in mind that if you do choose to follow a science degree at university, they're going to persuade you to go into a job that needs the skills that you have obtained from your degree. The ADF is only paying for your degree to benefit themselves.

    French is going crap. I basically stuffed up everything- my speaking (my accent is appalling and nearly everyone in my class is bloody fluent!), r and r and listening. The French speak too fast!

    Oh, and don't stress too much over the HSC. You'll be OK. Stay strong, kick ass in the HSC exam and take solace in knowing the fact that at least you're not wasting your education and instead making the most out of it at the best of your ability. Many other kids in the world would do absolutely anything to be where you are today.

    im done tomorrow afternoon. though i still have two 3-hour tests to get through before then, with a grand total of five essays still to do. ugh

    *cries and shakes uncontrollably in the foetal position*
    ha, well of course you would know the shortcuts...
    and that doesnt seem as depressing as how you described your maths ext performance, so you must be happy.

    but you never did tell me how it feels - you're free now. whatever it is, its still too far away for me to imagine. im so jealous right now
    DONE! How does it feel? I need something to look forward to....
    How did French/Chem go? Or were they the kind of tests you never want to revisit? Anyway, done now - this would definitely call for some emoticon-related celebrations but i dont think I can put them into visitor messages.
    55 whore points. what did you do? fellate someone?
    haha yeah Yeats was definately not my strongest one, nor was Franky and BR. caesar wasn't fantastic either. good exam all up. well tomorrow i have ancient, maths on thursday, then legal and economics the following thursday
    Hahahaa it's all good :p.

    Hey! Whats ur emial...bos is slow as shite tonight...

    if thats ok though lol...
    In chemistry, specifically the operation of AAS, why do we need the flame to absorb light from the emmited electrode.
    Why do we even need the flame, and why do we need to spray add
    a solution of a test sample being analysed into a nebulizer (also called an atomiser) where the liquid solution is made into a spray or mist.

    The mixture is combusted into a flame; this flame gives compounds, molecules and ions the energy to become ATOMS. < whats the purpose of that

    generally speaking i dont understand the role of the flame in AAS

    Can you please help me :D:D:D:D:D:D
    If u dont know dont worry, i dont want to waste your time HAHA
    Eco study is whats up. It gets really draining after one assessment a week for the last 3 or 4 weeks, especially when I perform shockingly in them. Its too damn hard to maintain study throughout the year......fml
    Hey, hermand. I was wondering what did you do for volunteering for your Duke of Edinbrugh award? I haven't found any volunteering positions to do for these past months that will occupy me for 3 months or more.

    pretty sure i've repped upwards of 50 people since you, and i still can't rep you.

    dubs tee eff?
    Quand vous volez de la musique vous volez le président!

    YouTube - Quand vous volez de la musique, vous volez le président !
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