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  • yeahh we use maths in focus for three unit. and the two unit stuff we learn. haven't seen the excel books for maths. i like the chem one though.

    um it's alright. it annoys me because it's laid out really really badly and i find it hard to read because of that haha.

    haha, oui! i'm telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me god. lol. i might start, just because i now feel compelled to, but eugh, i can't be bothered doing homework. i only do homework that i deem absolutely necessary.

    far out. i don't think i've studied seven hours in total since i started year twelve =pp.
    haha i loved ur French post

    will reply soon =)

    hey tell me about this Sydney Uni Open Day- where did u get the info. from?
    umm i have cambridge/arnold, but we have coroneos ones that our teacher lends us and then another one that i can't remember the name of. you?

    ummm apart from class time, nothing..... haha. i'm lazy and i've gotten away with it so far. =]].

    maths is amazing. soooo fun =]].
    haha i was the only one doing extension.... but it was too much work and i like having ten units, it means i can focus more on my continuers mark [hopefully] being awesome =]].

    that sucks. ten minutes per week? fortnight?

    yeahh, they alternate though, and we got the bad year =[[.

    yeah i know her email address, i'm just not sure what to ask haha. i have her facebook and chat to her on there and stuff occasionally, but it's never about french =pp.

    haha yeahh, you'll find it steps up a notch in year twelve, but i'm sure you'll cope =]].

    enjoying your holidays?
    yeahh everyone had the same problems and i came first last year so hopefully i can come first and then get a really good hsc mark =]].

    tbh, my teacher isn't that good, but i have one lesson a fortnight with the other really really good french teacher that used to teach me extension which really helps. it's so good when you have a good teacher, it makes such a difference. i changed schools at the beginning of year eleven and i had the most amazing french teacher at m old school, but now i have no motivation because my teacher lets us do whatever we want. which sucks but i guess hsc is about independent learning also =||.

    how's year eleven going for you?

    that's okay =]]. hope it helps.
    heyy =]].

    i would reply en francais, but i've turned my mind off for the first week of the holidays haha.

    my french is going allright thanks, my half yearly was a bit of a disaster, the listening didn't work, and the second reading task made no sense at all, so yeah. but it wasn't too bad.

    i do it at my school, do you do open high school?

    ummmm i did it through my school but i had something on when we had our practice expedition, so i did that through somerset in the north west of sydney - if you live in sydney - which is the place my school also went through.

    Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre. Camp Somerset Pty. Ltd. is their website, and there's a page devoted to DoE, for more info.

    hope this helps =]].
    Hey man, hope school is great. Thanks for that link, i really appreciate it ! We are doing Germany as our national study and Leni Refienstahl as our personality. How about you? Hopefully they're good (all in history is good though). Thanks yet again !
    Hello. Coincidentally today my legal studies teacher, Ms Neferis (maybe you know her?), mentioned something about the time capsule. And no we haven't opened it - something about finding all the students of the past who were involved.
    Yes we still have concerts - on occasions such as E-Day (Multicultural Day), Year 12 Concert, Talent Quest etc... Elevator in library? It's not there anymore lol.
    Hey :)! Mr. Parkes? Hmm, i don't think he's here anymore. When we started year 7 it wasn't him lol.

    Quand tu parles avec moi je voudrais tu parler en francais, c'est une bonne idee non?
    J'espere que tu vas bien :)

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