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  • Hi Kittikhun!!
    I noticed from some of your posts, that you do year 11 french continuers through the open high school??!!
    I also do, and i was wondering how you are finding the work and when was the last time you had 'a day' at the open high school itself??
    sorry if this seems a bit random :)
    Ouais :)
    Je ne suis douze unites et j'aime les langues !!
    Depuis combien d'années avez-vous le francais..?
    thankyou! thats because i lived in france ^^
    (p.s. did you like my cutting down of the tool in that french posty thingy. wow, am i retarded? or just computer illiterate?)
    hey, i did surf lifesaving as i was already part of a surf club.

    i think you can do it all in like a week, you just have to wait a while until you can submit it?

    i found my book the other day so i can send it in and finally get my bronze =]].
    riiighhtt well i don't know that person =)
    ahhhh that makes a lot of sense! =) thanks! lol the way they made that video was just bizarre! when i first saw it i lol at the costumes!! :D

    LOL 'she doesn't sing good enough my wife?"

    ohhh 'summer heights high'-:rolleyes:

    i want to hire some really good French movies... i've already watched one simply called 'Paris' :) my penpal recommended it to me! watch it! it's a beautiful movie =)
    Hey, I do Cadets as well. What service are you from?
    I have Mr. Grossman :) He's alright, pretty lenient with the work and phone conversations though it gets awkward sometimes lol How are you finding the course so far?
    oh my gosh!!

    they speak too fast :(

    LOL! if you steal the music then you steal the president?? how random!

    then he's running with some guy and the president asks what music he is listening to? He says 'calebonie' and the president says that's his wife?? then the president asks to prove if he bought it? if he can then he'll leave? but they found the cd.. .. so realised he payed. and then suddenly they hear the music coming from a unit... they enter the apartment to find a lady and she says she was listening to 'calabonie'.. after that i'm lost =S no idea what they speak about.
    am i getting the right idea???
    The Nylex stuff looks pretty much the same as the other thin contact does. I don't have the actual label any more, but I remember it had sort of black/green/yellow colours on it, and the full name is something like 'Nylex Cover-It Premium Self-Adhesive Film'. I've bought it from Bankstown and Miranda Big W on separate occasions.
    Hope that helps :)
    Unfortunately, there's really no way of getting promoted quicker. You have to have the skills and knowledge to even be nominated to be promoted. If nominated you'd have to pass the 2 week course (it's a camp) to be promoted that happens only twice a year.

    Even if you have an extremely high UAI aim, you won't need to leave cadets if you manage your time well.

    Heya! Yeah, anna is fine :)

    Ah, that's good :) It'll get better once the people who really don't enjoy it/don't want to be there leave :p Well is's 6 months between recruit and cadet, then 6 months to leading cadet. About 6-12months after that you can try and go for your corporals. Going for your corporals would involve proving to your SQN that you are the best of those going for it at your SQN and that you deserve it.

    Wow, USMA. Good luck! Gor for gold ;)

    And your welcome!
    heyy =]].

    there's a specific amount of time for each section. i know that it's 25 hours for community service, i can't remember what the other two were.

    no you don't have to do them at the same time, you can do them from whenever you start, until you turn twenty-one.

    feel free to ask me any other questions =]]. anytime =]].

    No my experience was nothing like that at all. I went to the Premier Squadron of the Wing (SQN 322, the city of Ryde). You weren't allowed to swear at all and they were quite strict. I suggest that you try and find the closest SQN that well isn't full of "wankers and insolent bastards" to truly experience the AAFC :)

    Good luck! Do tell me how you go - i'm here if you need me ^^
    haha wow she doesn't speak English that well =(

    is she sitting an English exam for the bac?

    hushed!!! arghhh i hate that word now!! it doesn't make sense

    i will ask my penpal for you- she is doing her bac too but whenever she has spare time she likes to reply to my emails :)

    speak to you soon
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