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  • Heyy. Sorry very random but i just saw one of post from a user thats 'thestallion' and you asked if you can do an exchange program from adfa to other military collages. Well i asked one of the careers army guys or whatever once and they said that you had to do very very very well in your academics at adfa to be on a exchange program and one of those 'chief of defense force' programs for people at adfa with 95-98 atarto be considered. Other then that they never heard or meet someone going on exchange or its really really rare. Just sharing info you might wanna hear or be interested. =]
    LOL any caucasians? Well in my grade we got like 4 out of 152 people. The year below us (which i assume is your year?) got more, but i'm sure the amount wouldn't surpass 1% of their grade though lol. Well the teachers situation is opposite of this LOL.
    I wouldn't be too worried about little dates like that as you simply won't even need them - the big dates like the years for the Battles are important - 1916 for Verdun, Somme, 1917 for Passcheandeale, 1914 for the Marne, 1918 for Ludendorff are but not to the extent of the extact date.
    Hi! Sorry for my late reply, HSC in like 2 days LOL! Mr. Mahoney is a nice guy, really leniant! I don't know if our school offers senior french but we did it in year 7 as the compulsary language course! But if you do want to do it, then you'll have to do it through Open School or weekend school like the other people in my grade (e.g. japanese, chinese etc..)! Yah basically the school has this strict policy of not accepting everybody too, but i;m sure you'll be ok. Our school has a nice environment too and if you're not asian you're like the minority minority, like seriously my grade has 0.03% non asians LOL.

    By the way, thanks for the good luck! Definetely need it LOL!
    (2) If I were to choose between Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Québec City, I'd go with Québec City without a second thought. It's such a cultural and history-rich city, and, if you're looking to practice your French, it's got the most to offer you.

    Montreal is about 40% French, 30% English, and the rest is very culturally diverse with Immigrants, much like Sydney.

    I'd love to tell you more, but I've already run into one character limit.

    Maybe we should exchange e-mails. I'd love to get to know more about you, as I still don't know who you are :p
    (1) Yep, Mom's Canadian and Dad's Australian, so I'm both. And I think it's cool that you thought I was from Australia. Most people give me funny looks and go "Say 'roundabout'". They then laugh because apparently I say 'Roundaboot' :p

    I didn't come from Toronto, but I've been there a few times. I came from a small town on Georgian Bay northwest of Toronto. And yes, Owen Sound got A LOT of snow :p. Schools have been closed down on numerous occasions due to the weather in January and February. We've had -30°C once that I can remember

    Canada is a big country, and the weather depends on the region. Vancouver gets a lot of rain, and they rarely get a lot of snow. Toronto gets colder than that, and they do get snow, but only about 10-15 cm at a time (which, compared to the 40 or so cm I'm used to, isn't much).
    Yes, that's probably me. I don't play hockey (my little brother does, though) and I did say something about Canadians, (or at least this Canadian taking learning French for granted.
    Hey! We just graduated today and preparing for formal now! Canley Vale is a very awesome school. Do you even live around the area? What grade will you be in next year?
    Probably not. I've never heard of it, although if someone in DFR/ADFA directly offers it to me/recommends that I apply for it, then I'll give it a try.
    Definitely try for USMA... sometimes I wish that I did. As for a running training program - I really don't have a set one. I try to work on core strength a bit, but running is something which I hardly do. The only running I do is playing sports and walking about 3km to/from the bus stop each day. You should definitely keep up the 3 times a week running as well, in the long run it'll benefit you a lot.

    You should definitely go for the ADFA Education Award. Sure, it's only a certificate and a laptop, and it doesn't mean you have any more of a chance of getting into ADFA, but it's just a nice thing to have, and nice to be able to say you were one of the top 120 applicants in the country.

    If you have no leadership experience - try get some. It can be absolutely anything, but like I said before, the main characteristic of an ADFA officer is leadership - it's what sets us apart from the general entry people. Without it, you won't even get into ADFA, let alone get the Education Award/USMA.
    After the 7.5 you can give up, since that's all you need, but you are encouraged to keep going, and I did end up continuing. Having said that - you don't have to if you don't want to - all you need is 7.5 and you can get out of there.

    9 is an extremely respectable score, and you shouldn't be embarrassed about it, there were plenty of guys there when I did it that barely made the 7.5 mark.

    If it really bothers you - you can try going into training for a little bit, how long until your fitness test?

    And yeah my feet do hurt a little bit, it's pretty common I think, what with all the stopping and starting.
    7.5 in the shuttle run is quite basic, even people who are bad at running/unfit can easily do it. I was panting a little bit, but I could have easily gone on up until 11.5-12.0.

    If you have any other concerns about it, take a look at this - Essential Excercise Tips | Lifestyle Of Fitness | Defence Jobs
    hey kittikhun,

    i was, but now i don't know exactly what i want to do, but i might apply for it second year uni, maybe. thinking of doing a general bsci(adv) and seeing where it goes from there.

    but thanks =]]. how's french going?

    How did I get accepted to ADFA? Just like everyone else I suppose, I went through the whole process, but also the FSP (fairly simple for me since I was already a private pilot). Sometimes I regret not going DEO, but oh well, a degree will pay off in the long run.

    The Undergraduate program would be great, although I'm not sure how the entry process differs from the process that I went through for normal application.
    Going to USMA would be bloody awesome, but extremely tough. And I agree - the majors at ADFA for B.Bus and B.Arts are quite limited, although they do have what I want to major in, so it's not so bad.
    sorry i've been trying to find the transcript and cd for that part but to no avail :(
    didn't you get sent a transcript of all the listening tasks??
    How do you find the writing tasks?? I find my self quite repetitive and boring and i just don't seem to be improving!!
    My teacher is Mrs Grognard! Shes really good, but i have the same problem! She sends me so much extra work to do and then i fall behind with 'the schedule', that she speaks so often of :)
    I find the noir sur blanc books ok, but it is just all the writing tasks that i really hate! My teacher keeps telling me to 'take my writing up a notch', but i just don't know how, if that makes sense.
    I just finished book 5 and am hoping to start book 6 when i get back to school, but currently i'm working on lots of grammar she sent me, but really struggling with lequel and auquel :)

    Na i didn't get an invite either, but i was just wondering because two boys at my school (who are in year nine but accelerated, doing yr 11 french continuers) had a 'day' there in term 2, so i was feeling a tad left out. How was the first 'day' there?? i couldn't go because i had photo day haha

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