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    UMAT 2016 Results

    m8 I got on with a 94 ATAR so there is hope for everyone living on this planet if you can smash your interview and application However this is extremely rare and you should at least aim for 97+
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    I witnessed an autopsy this morning, so get keen everyone.
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    Should I aim for Grad Med rather than Undergrad?

    Even if you do the most minimal amount of UMAT prep, you should still set it. If you're serious about getting into med, you'll take every opportunity and perhaps apply everywhere possible around the country. Once you're in med, it's way easier to get through the degree and less stressful that...
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    UMAT 2016 Thoughts!

    Don't worry lads, JCU will always be there for the people who fail
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    Medicine at UNSW or Newcastle JMP

    As someone who applied to every single state and only got one offer, apply everywhere, THEN make your decision. It was scary at first moving from Sydney, but I know have a great life up here and have experienced more of Australia in the past 4 years than I could have ever imagined. My decision...
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    Med Interview Invitations 2015/16

    JCU interview offers are ~ mid November from memory. And interstate students have actual interviews around ~10th December.
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    free umat resources?

    You'll most likely have to purchase them off someone. From my experience, most of the free ones are shit.
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    Compare Medicine Specialties

    I'm glad to see that Emergency Medicine is undersubscribed. Although that might be a completely different story in a couple years.
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    band 6?

    Percentages don't matter, it's all about your class rank and school rank. In saying that, providing those details means we can give you a much better indication of your potential marks.
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    Jersey Names

    Cross Nessa
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    2015 HSC students, hahaha suffer like we did

    Study hard or you'll have to move across the country... Or go to UWS.
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    All Specialties in Medicine has been oversubscribed since last year!

    Medman, I'm curious about regular bonded students obtaining a specialty training position. Because they are obligated to pay back their time in an area of need, will preference be given to bonded students to get into certain speciality training programs in order to ensure people will be sent to...
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    Uni - how long do you study per day

    Depends. I don't do much during most weekdays but I go balls deep in work on the weekends when I fall behind, sometimes pulling two 8-12 hour days. Other times I'll just do 1-3 hours a night or I'll just do nothing. Just do whatever you think is required. The amount of hours you study is just...
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    2015 UAC med offers

    I'm a bonded student *gasp* Oh the horror *weeps*
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    To all Med Hopefuls

    This was an incredible read, thank you. It's nice to hear from someone out there working and not still in university! I found it interesting about what you said about bonded and MRBS positions- this is the situation for me (bonded) and my mate (MRBS) and I haven't really thought about it in...