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    Super Cheap Math, Chemistry and Legal Textbooks

    Bump. Also need HSC out of my life and viewing these on the bookshelf daily is traumatising.
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    General thoughts: English Advanced Modules Paper 2

    Anybody have a copy of the paper? If you could upload I'll be your best friend.
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    I'm Joining the HSC Journal Bandwagon

    Re: HSC Journal of Swag Update: Finished my HSC like 8 months ago Was pre good
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    UNSW 2015 Sem 1 Results Thread

    Not working for me :o Not sure as to whether that's good or not. Probably good. I'll wait patiently and prepare myself. lol
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    Same sex marriages

    This camel for marriage equality
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    Same sex marriages

    These cats for marriage equality
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    Same sex marriages

    Palm trees for marriage equality
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    Should i study for my 12th unit?

    To be honest, if you're confident with your other 10 units you may as well drop it unless it is necessary for your university course or unless you personally find that you need it (for some reason). 12 units is superfluous in my opinion if you're excelling in your other subjects - it's just time...
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    - get notes - burn them - as the ashes do that thing where they like fly away try and guess what syllabus dot point was on it there u go 10/10 method that i used during hsc to get 96
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    What to do

    Maths - do questions and past papers everyday English - write introductions to questions and make essay plans for the body of that essay, refine creative, practice S1 Chem - notes+past papers Legal - Finish your notes, collate laws, media articles, cases, reports and statistics and make crude...
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    Hsc journal 2015

    Great progress Simmy :D If you ever need help with Legal/Eco/Bio I'd be glad to help ^_^
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    Same sex marriages

    no support it will undermine our society###$$$$@@@@@ like look at ireland and all the other countries that have legalised gay marriage omg satan has gobbled up their society and ppl r marrying animals omfg ______________________________________________________________ I'm gay...
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    Any BOSers get an atar above 95 without coming first in all their subjects?

    My school rank: 600+ I was ranked 2nd in Advanced English Got 90/90 exam and internal So I was all g ATAR: 98.65 So yes it is possible
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    Maxwell's Legal Studies and Business Studies Raw Marks

    Omg thanks! For Legal Studies make sure you have lots of cases, reports and media articles (as well as legislation and statistics) to back up everything you say - they are pretty much like your quotes for English. For Business Studies make notes as well and learn the actual syllabus dot points...
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    Maxwell's Legal Studies and Business Studies Raw Marks

    Hey guys, I finally decided to get my marks (they're so expensive omfg) and here they are: Legal Studies: Multiple Choice: 19/20 Short Answer: 14/15 Crime: 13.5/15 Family (25a): 22.5/25 Consumers (27b: 23.5/25 Overall: 92/100, which aligned to an exam mark of 96. Business Studies...