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    Invasion Day.

    Federation was declared on January 1st, so shouldn't "Australia Day" also be on the same day? People I've spoken to make the argument "yeah, but at least we get another holiday". That's not the point... January 26th was to do with First Fleet and so the day should be named after that. If...
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    Better than UWS?

    What it comes down to is whether the Institute of Teachers recognises the course as being suitable for Accreditation. And all of ACU's courses do, so in the end the name of the course has little to say about what you learn about and whether you are more or less suitable for the teaching...
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    Primary School Teaching

    -what are the advantages/disadvantages to teaching primary? Advantages include being able to teach students on a range of different areas, topics, subjects, etc. Also the age (I believe) is better than high school because you can usually have more of an influence. Disadvantages would be the...
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    How are you feeling about starting uni

    I'm feeling sad that I won't be there this year :( Hope you guys have an awesome time at ACU. All the best :)
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    Need help with choosing uni for teaching!!!

    Just like I was told that ACU wasn't a 'real' uni :lol: I have really enjoyed my time there, and I think I am very equipped for my career. It's all about personal preference. Personally, I went for somewhere that wasn't going to be daunting (we only have about 2600 people at Strathfield)...
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    difference between M teaching and B education

    I'm no expert but a Masters degree is a Postgraduate degree (meaning you need an undergraduate degree to do it), and a Bachelor of Education is the undergraduate version, where you don't need a previous degree. Either way can lead you to becoming a teacher. Were you looking at any course /...
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    Strathfield Open Day

    Nah I wasn't there.. would have been pretty sad for me to go, telling new kids about how good ACU is when I only have 5 lecture weeks to go!! :( / :)
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    Strathfield Open Day

    Visit There are links to each campus' open day and a program of events :)
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    B Education Degree at UTS,USYD,UNSW

    The Catholic system is managed by the CEO (Catholic Education Office) of the diocese in which the school is placed. In Sydney and metropolitan areas you have the Sydney CEO, Parramatta, Broken Bay and Wollongong. The difference with employment in Catholic schools is that there is no...
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    I'm not sure of the course, but I have been to the campus in Melbourne - it's pretty awesome. Strathfield campus has an older, more "traditional" feel to it, while Melbourne is a contemporary building minutes from the city. If you can get yourself down to Melbourne for their Open Day, that...
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    Teaching computers at ACU

    There is a BT/BA Course in Technology but I'm pretty sure it covers the Design and Technology subjects also. I would have a look at the website to see the types of majors you could do in the course. Better yet, come along to Open Day to find out more! :)
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    Rural Students

    Usually these types of programs apply to people who want to attend their "feeder" uni. I'm not entirely sure about ACU's rural admittance procedures, I would suggest calling the Admissions centre for more information.
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    Strathfield Open Day

    Not for everyone, admittedly, but going to ACU has been the best decision I have made with my education. The campuses are great - small, friendly and you actually get to know people *gasp!* than become a number in a crowd. I strongly suggest you visit us on Open Day to get a good feel for...
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    Environmental Science? ? ? ? ? ?? ?

    I suggest looking at ACU's website for details about North Sydney's Open Day. You will get a good feel for the campus and get to speak to students and staff about the course you are interested in. Good luck!
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    Do you have to do English advanced to be able to apply to ACU in canberra?

    One way to find out would be to ring the Admissions centre at the uni. Usually if it's listed you will need it. However, there may be other ways around it.