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  • Ohh okay kwl.

    What types of music yu into other than k-pop?

    lol. I am starting an assignment on south korea atm.
    LOL why would i be angry? I've been VERY high since year 11 started :) Im such a dedicated student :D
    i had to choose between biology and physics, biology won. stupid subject selections. LOL :p
    how are you finding year 11?
    Unfortunately I didn't, I thought the syllabus changed it's AOS to belonging? or perhaps you're starting that in year 12. Regarding the HSC, just develop a routine for each subject in terms of study methods. For e.g. In English I had a massive A3 paper for each module in table format. I wrote down the thesis/idea, technique, relation to the topic. So when it got down to exam time all I had to do was revise this and expanded my ideas more thoroughly through practice essays and the A3 paper was a good basis for motivation for study since it's right in front of you. Last of all your hardwork WILL pay off and the HSC is a measure of effort more than natural ability(both combined will give u 95+:) ). Also if you have a course you want to get into, whenever you struggle to do work or motivate yourself just remember what you're aiming for. Fortunately I got into what I wanted and was luckily enough to be given another option to do law @ UTS
    hehe me obsessed? *Noo.* lol.

    Ohh okay, havent heard that one yet.

    What types of music do you like?
    Ohh okay. lol
    Thanks. :p

    Yeh i love down. Umm i like 'ride it' or is it 'riding'? Thats a really hot song i think ;)
    Umm listened to do you remember this arvo cause my friend put it on my ipod.
    Do you like Jay Sean's music too? Which songs?
    Because maths is the best! maths ftw! :D
    Textbook? The one we're using at the moment, is the Coroneos Combined 2unit Course or Simplified 3unit Course - Volume 1 - Year 11. Soon, they're making us buy the LAME maths in focus ext 1 book =="

    Which textbook does your school use?
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