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    Moderator application form

    Was a good time being a Mod on BoS. Back in the old days.
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    Pros and Cons of Melbourne

    ANU will bore you out after a week, Melbourne is a bit more lively but will probably bore you out by the end of your degree.
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    Commerce Job Prospects that arent accounting

    Lots of my friends ended up crossing over with business analyst roles with some information systems knowledge along with their Commerce degree. It's a healthy combination that steps out of the typical finance and accounting roles so many commerce graduates end up in.
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    Which country should I work at?

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    Your favourite smells?

    Watermelon.. I like the fresh smell
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    What are the best extra curricular's/work experiences you guys havedone?

    Go to africa, do something there, whatever you will do there will be looked at favourably.
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    God... notice these emasculated guys riding the feminism train. In the 1920s, the feminism movement was all about equal rights between men and women, particularly with voting. In the 1960s and 70s, it was about the right to kill a human fetus inside you. In the 1980s, it was about not...
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    work relationships

    I personally wouldn't go there, work and personal lives for me are pretty distant.
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    What is your iq?

    Between 140-160. I generally manage to be getting around there.
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    calling out seremify007

    Vinyl Wrap looks hawt, thinking of getting my Beamer Vinyl wrapped, the matte finished looks mad!
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    Presents for your significant other

    I had the same dilemma recently, I got the iPad mini in the end.
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    what is your dream car?

    Diggin the Ashton Martin Vanquish
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    University Help!

    So where you doing your cadetship out of curiosity? You can PM me instead if you want.
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    CA Program - Ask questions, get answers! (new and improved)

    Yeah, exam wasn't too hard, surprised how much of it you can do to an average level without knowing too much.
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    Law ATAR

    Yeah 99.65-99.70 sounds about right.