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    Payment of Student Service Fees

    you can also pay in person at post office.. which i believe is much easier..
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    Can you get into or utsonline right now? i can login but
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    Tell me about UTS!

    419 libraries??? is that 4 real??
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    Tell me about UTS!

    one thing i noticed from the past 2 weeks of UTS... no one marks the roll???? not in lecture, not in Labs.. not even in Tuts... attandence is not necessary??
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    I just can't stop thinking of high school...

    uni is so boring... i cant believe it. ....
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    Installing Linux

    just use VMware or VPC... much easier and convenient..
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    $16 weekly train/bus/ferry travelpasses.

    lol.. you not suppose to use that concession anymore since you are no longer in the school stated on that concession card... i dont know if it is against the law or not to use it though... but anyway yeh.. when the concession card expires you'll have 2 buy the student fare..
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    how do i use my free print quota?

    How do you print to double or draft?? where about do you choose these options???
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    Welcome NEW IT/Comp Sci section

    I believe i should belong to this section..
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    What do you want to do when you graduate?

    game or software developer.. or web designer..
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    transport costs

    weekly train: $17 that's all..
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    Great places to eat and fun things to do near UTS

    humm where is it located at?? i only know the one at haymarket..
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    How was your first day?

    One Question, where is the Clubs and Society stuff where you go signup... and also i found out today.. they blocked .... i was able 2 use it a week ago..
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    How was your first day?

    Managing People and Organisations Tut Mon 12:00 U CM05C.02.38 you need to go to this tut on Monday at 12:00, at City Market Building 05C, level 2, room 0238 28/2-21/3, 4/4-6/6 represents the date you have to attend the tut. eg from today (28th of Feb) to 21st of March, then from 4th of...
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    What on campus services do you have that you wearnt expecting

    mini cinema in Tower Building at UTS..