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Recent content by tess_gee

  1. tess_gee

    UTS building

    Wicked Analysis! Here at UTS we commend attendees of certain universities who are even able to see that which does not pertain to sandstone infrastructure, gargoyles and [limited] grassy expanses. It seems you're progressing! Next thing you know you'll be finding yourself lamenting the vastly...
  2. tess_gee

    Anyone have a full list of university offers?

    Mine too! I got into Communication (Journalism) at UTS and the person listed with the same initials as me (which I am presuming is me) is registered as doing Health Science! What the hell?
  3. tess_gee

    Course Cutoffs

    Hi guys, do you think it is at all possible to make into my course with a 95.15 UAI when the cutoff is 95.45? Just wondering... Thanks!
  4. tess_gee

    PIP Awards 2009

    Does anyone know when the 2009 PIP awards notifications are released? It has probably already happened but I was just wondering.
  5. tess_gee

    Wait...still confused. Which marks are these?

    Ok so I got 4 band six marks - English Extension 1 92 Studies of Religion II 92 Society and Culture 93 Visual Arts 91 and 2 band 5 marks - English Advanced 83 (I fucked the exam big time) Modern History 87 Do you think this will be enough to get me 90s? Even low 90s? I don't want to...
  6. tess_gee

    Whats the deal with Art Express?

    I love, love, love yours! Beautiful photographs - they will surely get into Art Express! Oh god so stunning... I love photography like that. Goodluck everyone! By the way what is happening about this callbacks thing? There was a girl in my class who did a series of water colour portraits and...
  7. tess_gee

    is industrialisation inevitable?

    Do you have any examples for this? For example, my class always use Bhutan to argue against any of the 'big questions'/'processes' - that of Westernisation, Globalisation and Industrialisation. You can say that industrialisation is closely connected to the parallel processes of...
  8. tess_gee


    What. The. Fuck!!!
  9. tess_gee

    War Crimes Tribunals - Pacific ???

    Well I haven't either so I am praying to the lord that it isn't included. Which most probably means it will be. Well we do get a choice... so if it is in the paper, that means we have no choice but to choose the other one. Sucky!
  10. tess_gee

    Modern game

    1951 - Allied occupation of Japan concludes with the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty 1927
  11. tess_gee

    Modern game

    Oops sorry! Um... 1939
  12. tess_gee

    Modern game

    1945 - Battle of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. America uses first Atomic Bomb/s on the 6th and 9th of August to nullify fighting in Japan after month/s long B-29 bomb raids of Tokyo. Hope to instigate surrender. Allied Occupation of Japan begins on 28th August; official Japanese surrender occurs on 2nd...
  13. tess_gee

    Module B - After The Bomb

    What did everyone talk about? I found it hard to choose an area/areas to focus on seeming there is just so much...
  14. tess_gee

    Stalin's Great Terror essay help

    How can it be from 1917 and pertaining to the development of Stalinism? Stalin didn't come into power until later... unless you mean 1927?
  15. tess_gee

    Catholic English Trial...

    Can someone please post up the questions? My local library has not purchased them and I would love some extra practice for: - Hamlet - Frank/Br - Hist and Mem - Belonging If it's not possible that's fine; otherwise thanks, it would be greatly appreciated...