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  1. SB257426

    Quick Question about Uni

    This might sound like a bit of a silly question but do they ever check homework lol. For example, if im doing a math course and they prescribe a textbook to me, would they ever check if I have done all the exercises? Or do you just self study for the course in uni?
  2. A

    ! What is UNSW Preparation Program (Science) !

    Hi, i got into the UNSW preparation program (Science). HELP what is it, i dont know. i didnt get my preference course which was the bachelor of science. It says i need to do a test to transfer after that program into the bachelor of science. I NEED HELP. What is the test like and what is it...
  3. rainpuppy11

    UNSW Comp Sci vs. UNSW Comp Sci + Engineering (Honours)

    Hello! I'm currently debating what to do for next year entering university. I am definitely set on going to UNSW (I am currently shortlisted for UNSW Co-op in Comp Sci, and also am eligible for the AAA scholarship, and I also like the campus and teaching style). I'm just wondering if it is...
  4. M

    USYD Economics Honours / Finance Honours Alumni - Notes & Resources

    Hi I'm Jacob, A third year Economics & Finance Honours student at the USYD, finishing Honours units in Advanced macroeconomics and Applied macro econometric time series modelling. I speak to those interested in Finance & Economics, studying these units in the HSC. Take the stress off the...
  5. C

    What am I suppose to do with all my old notes/past papers?

    I'm currently in Year 12 with 3/6 exams finished and my room is absolutely drowning in notes and past papers everywhere. Will I ever want these notes/past papers in Uni or in the future? Like for my actual school past papers do I need to keep them to remember marks or anything or can I just...
  6. xoxogossipgirll

    University of newcastle Early Entry (HELP)

    what does this mean
  7. xoxogossipgirll

    ! B of Science or B of Medical Science ! (UNSW) (Early Entry)

    I am on the verge of crying because I got a conditional early offer at UNSW for a B of Science and I feel like a B of Medical Science is more professional in terms of image. Does B of Science get me into a postgrad in Dentistry?! cause B of Medical science is said to be a better option for...
  8. M

    Public VS Catholic VS Independent Schools

    Just wanted to hear peoples experiences from each type of school, the experience, teachers, work, environment etc. Is there an advantage to going to a catholic/private/independent school over a public school. Do Unis care about what hs you went to if you got a good atar?
  9. B

    Bachelor of Laws Online Study 2024

    Hi all, Currently completing a Diploma of Paralegal Services (due to end December of this year) at TAFE NSW. I've been looking at studying the Bachelors of Laws for 2024 entry online as I have two young children in primary school and don't feel like I can take on the load of travelling to and...
  10. N

    UAC round offers??

    Hiii just looking at my UAC portal and the website and they talk of all of these rounds and offers and whatnot, idfk what they mean. I thought early entry for yr12 students was sum like September and October?? **refer to screenshot what do these rounds actually offer? as a yr 12 student do i...
  11. W

    Do I need to retake my HSC (and repeat Year 11 and 12) if I want to get into University?

    Title. So, basically, the further I progressed through school, the more my grades turned from As into Es. By the end of Year 12 (2021), I graduated a total of 2 subjects, with terrible grades (bad HSC, no ATAR). I later found out that I have a bunch of mental health conditions influencing me...
  12. Anaya R

    End of week 1

    Fellow USYDers, How have you found Week 1 so far? (Also if you are feeling overwhelmed there's a strike day in Week 3 so you may get a break that day)
  13. U

    Is Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) @ ANU worth studying? 2022

    Hi Folks, I am a prospective student looking at studying at the Australian National University with either: Law / PPE OR Law / Economics Thoughts & suggestions on each of the following? I have read many threads suggesting PPE is a glorified arts degree. Is this true? Many...
  14. U

    How many people get the Sydney Scholars Award?

    Conditional offers were sent out today^
  15. J


    Hi guys, so I got early entry for uts for civil engineering a while back, and I was wondering if I didnt get the atar requirment for my course at unsw (that is also civil engineering lol), could I transfer universities or something? can't really find anything online that talks about this. cause...
  16. A

    Early Entry

    So the UAC account applications open tomorrow at 9am and I've got a few Uni's that I'm trying to apply for early entry. Just wondering what questions they would typically ask so I can prepare a response?
  17. A

    Which University are you planning to go to and why?

    Just wondering about community perceptions of Sydney's universities.
  18. A

    unenrol from a course and enrol into another?

    Is is possible to unenroll from a course and then enrol into another course in the same uni?
  19. A

    enrolling into usyd?

    Can anyone enroll? i tried so many times i got locked out. did anyone figure out how to use the unikey?