1. B

    Bachelor of Laws Online Study 2024

    Hi all, Currently completing a Diploma of Paralegal Services (due to end December of this year) at TAFE NSW. I've been looking at studying the Bachelors of Laws for 2024 entry online as I have two young children in primary school and don't feel like I can take on the load of travelling to and...
  2. nsw..wollongong

    UAC round offers??

    Hiii just looking at my UAC portal and the website and they talk of all of these rounds and offers and whatnot, idfk what they mean. I thought early entry for yr12 students was sum like September and October?? **refer to screenshot what do these rounds actually offer? as a yr 12 student do i...
  3. W

    Do I need to retake my HSC (and repeat Year 11 and 12) if I want to get into University?

    Title. So, basically, the further I progressed through school, the more my grades turned from As into Es. By the end of Year 12 (2021), I graduated a total of 2 subjects, with terrible grades (bad HSC, no ATAR). I later found out that I have a bunch of mental health conditions influencing me...
  4. Anaya R

    End of week 1

    Fellow USYDers, How have you found Week 1 so far? (Also if you are feeling overwhelmed there's a strike day in Week 3 so you may get a break that day)
  5. U

    Is Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE) @ ANU worth studying? 2022

    Hi Folks, I am a prospective student looking at studying at the Australian National University with either: Law / PPE OR Law / Economics Thoughts & suggestions on each of the following? I have read many threads suggesting PPE is a glorified arts degree. Is this true? Many...
  6. U

    How many people get the Sydney Scholars Award?

    Conditional offers were sent out today^
  7. J


    Hi guys, so I got early entry for uts for civil engineering a while back, and I was wondering if I didnt get the atar requirment for my course at unsw (that is also civil engineering lol), could I transfer universities or something? can't really find anything online that talks about this. cause...
  8. A

    Early Entry

    So the UAC account applications open tomorrow at 9am and I've got a few Uni's that I'm trying to apply for early entry. Just wondering what questions they would typically ask so I can prepare a response?
  9. A

    Which University are you planning to go to and why?

    Just wondering about community perceptions of Sydney's universities.
  10. A

    unenrol from a course and enrol into another?

    Is is possible to unenroll from a course and then enrol into another course in the same uni?
  11. A

    enrolling into usyd?

    Can anyone enroll? i tried so many times i got locked out. did anyone figure out how to use the unikey?
  12. T

    What's Actuarial Like?

    Hi! In light of HSC beginning then probably ending before we know it, I was just wanting to know about how Actuarial was as a degree? My mum keeps peer pressuring me (lol) to apply for it as I'm pretty alright and have a genuine passion for Maths. Also, that it gives a good income as a career...
  13. V

    How hard is it to get into UNSW and USYD??

    I really want to get into UNSW or USYD, problem is...I got no idea what degree I want to pursue in the future-which means I don't have a goal for what atar mark I need. Since these two are the top 2 most sought out universities in Sydney, the competition must be high. But how hard would it be to...
  14. C

    UTS or USYD which is better for bachelor of Economics

    Hi, I'm about to finish my year 12 and recently received and offer for UTS early entry for Economics. I am considering just taking the offer and not even considering USYD, my main question would be which uni is better for Economics, which is better for internships and job opportunities and how...
  15. N


    Hey friends, I'm planning on studying commerce and computer science at either UNSW or USYD next year (wish I could consider UTS but they don't have the two degrees combined). My main concern is...WHICH ONE DO I PICK FROM THE 2 AAAAAAAAAAA. The matters put forth are: 1) Which course is...
  16. S

    MAQ early offer?

    What are the odds of an early offer for a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at macquarie via the leaders and achievers scheme? Given my year 11 marks were 2 A's 3 B's and 1 c (this subject has since been dropped)
  17. T

    And so it is live! A Guide to Surviving University (for first years like me) :)

    I interviewed an array of teachers and university students to give you the ultimate guide to university survival :) I would love if you checked it out and subscribed!
  18. T

    Hi! I'm planning to do a Q&A with some 1st year university students and experienced teachers on entering university. Please comment any questions!

    Hi! So I run a small YouTube channel QingClear and I'm going to do a video interviewing some university students and experienced teachers on the university experience. As 2021 and 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, I would love for you guys to comment any questions here about entering...
  19. M

    Any does architecture? Which uni?

    Hi! I am a recent high school graduate and received offers into design in architecture courses at UTS, USYD and UNSW. I am really confused about which uni to go to. I personally prefer UTS because of the many pros I have heard of it including; the more personalized experience due to small...
  20. jarodphillips_

    UNSW vs UTS engineering

    Which university is generally better? it would be great if people from these two universities doing any engineering degree could share pros and cons about them. Having a hard time choosing between these two, leaning towards UTS at this moment. thanks!