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    PwC fast tracking grads to managers

    The article emphasises the change is a result of grunt work being offshore so there are less typical grad tasks available. I doubt this could stretch out towards other service lines, audit can't really be outsourced.
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    ASB to WHARTON?!!!

    Its just run through the exchange program. You need a WAM 90+, if you don't have that, forget it. There are next to no places for students from UNSW either, and you're against people in the AGSM as well who want to go there (as the uni may only be offered 1-2 places per semester if its...
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    Weird Enrollment Question :|

    MGMT1001 is one of the courses which is done by students from a very very wide range of degrees. Whilst most are first-year commerce students, a substantial proportion are doing it and they are in their second, third or even fourth year. It is an elective in a number of degrees and is also a gen...
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    FINS1613 query

    Well its better than Kyung writing the entire thing! And yeah no wonder test 2 was so good
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    FINS1613 query

    Yeah, but difference is we had 20 minutes to do 3 questions last week (close to 7 minutes a question). With that kind of time, you would expect difficult questions. In the final, we only have 2 hours to do 50 questions (2.4 minutes a question). He can't make the final as hard as last weeks quiz...
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    Hey! Just need an opinion..

    I'll ask the same question as is asked of everyone else on here looking at a double degree. Are you really interested in something else other than commerce? If you are, great, go and do the double degree. If you aren't, just stick to commerce and do a double major in commerce. Plus good work...
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    difficulty of fins1613 final?

    Since when is it weighted at 13.5%? Isnt it just 10 and then they drop your worst and average them out of 40?
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    UBS Cadetship

    This. The front-office cadetship offers seem to be for very specialised areas which may not necessarily be front-office, but rather a direct support function to the front office.
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    Which is the better route to a M.comm UNSW

    What do you want to do with your career? Do you want to go into business or psychology? Makes more sense to do your undergrad in business if thats what you really want.
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    Help me decide which course to put as a higher preference in my UAC??? PLZ

    Do your research. Go to the unis, take campus tours see how you feel about them. Both those universities are pretty much on par and neither is really all that much better than the other, although Macquarie may have the upper hand in finance/economics.
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    UBS Cadetship

    Other people here have gotten offers, but I dont know if they are also Global Asset Management. Finance co-op has a few more benefits over a front-office cadetship. Firstly, the exposure to 3 different companies (and these include Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, even UBS...
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    ^This. Little similarity between Law, Engineering, Science. Pick another area other than commerce you are REALLY interested in and pick it. No one is totally 100% interested in commerce, law, engineering, science, information systems and economcs.
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    What is the difference between B Economics and B Commerce

    Surely it would, courses don't just get moved from Business to Arts without a reason.
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    Firstly are you doing a combined degree because you have a genuine interest in a second field or just for the sake of a double degree? Look into it, don't worry about what is 'best'. Do a second degree with commerce if you have a genuine interest in the other degree. Research them all and look...
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    Bachelor of Accounting UTS

    I'm not too sure if the BAcc is still open to applications because I know people have already gotten offers into the BAcc course at UTS so check up on that. You are at no disadvantage by applying for the Bachelor of Accounting (if you still can) because you can't hold a cadetship with that...