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    How would I get my beer?

    in the words of the almighty Negg... grab the beer and.... LEG IT!!!!!
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    Changing university as a result of possible relocation

    Well Basically you should look at the different unis in and around Adelaide and ring or email them about how you can transfer into a similar or the same corse over there. Im sure they will give you the correct details to transfer with ease. the only real issue you have now is finding a similar...
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    A question from a potential 2010 student

    correct me if I am wrong (and i may well be) but is it not possible to do an internal transfer from one subject to another after only 1 semester with a gpa of 2.5..... i think you can but i would check with someone who is sure of this. Btw gpa of 2.5 is quite easy to get if u put your mind to it...
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    Is that really boring ??

    I agree, its depends what you consider boring to be. In my view macquarie has a create campus environment. You will not find it hard to make friends with your room mates if your staying in the new village near the gym and there are always house parties somewhere in the village so get yourself to...
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    Transfer from Int studies at MQ to Int Studies at UNSW

    hey everybody Well i tried getting into unsw however my uai of 86 was not quite good enough to get me into UNSW int studies. However after a year at MQ this is how my situation appears GPA: 3.2 out of 4 WAM: 71 UAI: 86 Do i have a chance of getting into Int Studies or is it a long shot and...
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    Combine law or masters degree?

    Yeh im leaning more towards the master degree as it seems to be more focused on Security matters. GPA should not be to hard to raise, i just has a few hiccups in first semester, the language im doing is Spanish, mainly because I am guessing that affairs in Latin America may become prominent in...
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    Combine law or masters degree?

    Hey guys Im currently studying Int Studies at MQ and just about to finnish my first year. I know its a bit early to consider these options but I was wondering what others might think. I hope to obtain a career with the government in diplomacy, mainly based on defence policy or something of that...
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    Bachelor of International Studies

    Ahahahaha, you guys are frightening all the new Int Stud students away. I was reading the job oppertunity part, yeh, being a glorified arts degree your gonna have to work hard to get into those dreamed of jobs. Then again there is always master degrees which one can undertake to get a job in a...
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    I understand complaints i work in a fast food shop for heaven sakes:shouting:. but you guys are taking it beyound a complaint this is just all out abuse. The orientation was great and from what i can tell at least 90% of people thought so. Yes it may of had a few faults (although i thought it...
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    Train line!!!

    Re: Omg omg omg omg omg !!! ahahaha touche well lucky forus just starting i was worried it would never be complete :D now all the station need is that sweet smell of Hobos and filth that every station is renowed for
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    having trouble with eStudent

    Your best bet is to do what i did.. go 2 your orientation day and go to the IT help area theyll fix it up in no time.
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    Must say a good well done to the Mentors. I rnjoyed my Orientation espcially when i discovered we have a statue of a prostitute at our uni :jaw: Cant wait for o week now
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    F**k off were full

    If any one has the right to say F*** off we are full it should be the aborigines. they were in fact the actual inhabitants of this country. I dont believe we are full and believe that australia's future relies on immagration. Yes it has its intial setbacks but over time the benefits outway these...
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    2009 Macquarie Uni Offers / General Chatter

    Re: 2009 Macquarie Uni Offers :rofl:International studies :rofl: well now all i have to do is wait for uni to begin
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    Transfer into law

    If thats so is the law at MAQ good enough to get you into a job such a diplomacy or foriegn affairs with a combined degree with int studies