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    What the F#%@??

    DUde, stop whining like a baby. If there is one organisation capable of telling you what your real ATAR is, it would be the UAC, not some shit house third party programme that claims to "estimate" atars. Those sites exist to generate traffic for advertising, and whilst they can sometimes be...
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    ATAR aim?

    99.95 baby
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    How does your school award the dux?

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    indigenous congress meets pm!!!

    Abos just need to stop sniffing petrol and get a job
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    A poly question ! is there a shorter method ?!

    No worries boys, the answer is: 8======D
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    How many hours of sleep do you need a day to function at full capacity?

    Sleep is entirely personal. I get 6 hours every night and am perfectly fine.
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    Should I prepare much for Prelim?

    No you shouldnt prepare for prelim!!!!! What is this shit????
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    Has anyone got a real scholarship?? Ie - university of sydney?
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    Jersey Names = rep

    Ditch the name, may as well print one of these bad boys on the jersey:
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    Jersey Names = rep

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    Jersey Names = rep

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    Jersey Names = rep

    Captain Nipples
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    Jersey Names = rep

    Go with Carlos Spicey-Weiner
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    This brings up an interesting question that could be a thread of its own... How much money is enough to make one go to UWS? I reckon no less than a cool $1,000,000 for me