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Recent content by piccaninny

  1. piccaninny


    i dont use supermarket brands,i just love "goldwell" products, its be best out all shampoo that i have tried.
  2. piccaninny


    in aldi they had toilet paper with frangapani's, scent. it is so strong if you leave it in bathroom it will have that smell.
  3. piccaninny


    does it look fake?
  4. piccaninny

    Official 'Wall of Shame' Thread.

    usually i buy make up from expensive brands like chanel, CD, EL, YSL so there is no disappontment. i wasnt happy with dove tanning lotion, the best one i found "garnier bodysummer" it is great.
  5. piccaninny

    2007 Transfer Confirmations

    as i can remember it is at the south q, near main library. it take like 5 min to unenrol
  6. piccaninny


    i've never shoplifted, but ive stollen couple of times. things which i could not buy such as picture of my ex and stone (it wasnt valuable) but i knew someone who collects the stones and they were really happy when i gave stone to them. i had things(money) stollen from me, i guess its equal.
  7. piccaninny

    Whats the best place to do your p's test?

    from my experience, beverly hills, is easy area but hard to pass, there are two instructors i wouldnt recomend to do test with. 1st one is young , looks like a school guy. when i did test with him he has falled me ..... twice. reason is when turn left or right, the indicator must blink 5...
  8. piccaninny

    losing weight/exercises

    this is the best website has everything http://www.shapefit.com
  9. piccaninny

    Easy GOVT2XXX subjects

    i've selected govt 2225 and govt 2445, with the other govt subjects there is too much reading. just a question, can anyone log in to blackboard? it doesnt allow me to log in
  10. piccaninny

    Reliable Perfume Outlets

    i buy most of purfumes on strawberry.net myer is good for checking out new perfumes but sometimes they have good specials. dont buy perfumes at the markets they are fakes or real perfumes gone old or bad. once i bought contradiction by CK paid $100 for fake perfume
  11. piccaninny

    The World of Pick-Up Line

    this one was used on me "i want to fill you in"
  12. piccaninny

    Eye Make-up

    i use green eye shadows mostly (my eyes are green) and brown sometimes
  13. piccaninny

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    i bought gucci perfume, nina richi perfume (new one) and chanel moisturiser. vvv happy with purchase although vvv expensive
  14. piccaninny

    where to buy clear mascara!!

    i've never ever heard of clear mascara. what does it do? isnt its better not to use mascara at all?
  15. piccaninny

    Fitness first

    i go to townhall fitness first. and pay $20 monthy