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Recent content by vodkacrumble

  1. vodkacrumble


    Not sure about the course, but there's a bit demand for podiatry services from what I've seen - there are long wait times to see a Podiatrist at a public hospital, and with the rise of problems like diabetes & the aging population you'd just be coming into more and more work. Obviously private...
  2. vodkacrumble

    Nutrition and Dietetics

    CSU do a lot of their courses via distance, is this an option for you? I wanted to do my degree at UTS but didn't have the marks, so I did my first year at Newcastle and transferred. It was a pretty easy process and had credit for nearly all my 1st year subjects. Another option would be to...
  3. vodkacrumble


    have a look at this practice test and you might get an idea (note: this was a free test from a coaching company - i don't endorse the company, nor am i aware how close this is to a real test, but it will give you a vague idea of the terror)
  4. vodkacrumble

    has anyone received interview letters yet?

    oh dear, too late! you people already roped me in long ago...
  5. vodkacrumble

    UWS MBBS Interviews

    wah! the chick from UWS has my name! (first name, anyway. but that's fairly unusual!) congrats! :) does anything happen if you try to log into the interview booking system early? :p
  6. vodkacrumble

    'Interns' - tonight on channel 7

    you know i wish we had been made to do this at uni, one of my tutors was going to make us do it but i think the uni would've had a fit. it's so much easier doing it on kids though!
  7. vodkacrumble

    'Interns' - tonight on channel 7

    tough shit if they're cranky - they're paid the big $$$ for a reason! conversely, i'm getting used to being in a metropolitan area with drs everywhere! and there is someone in the hospital to see pts out of hours! amazing.
  8. vodkacrumble

    'Interns' - tonight on channel 7

    i just noticed an entry in the tv guide for a show called Interns, here's the blurb: Follow the journey of these aspiring doctors as they grow from raw interns to confident doctors facing the hour-to-hour reality of having to perform surgery for the first time, counsel grieving relatives and...
  9. vodkacrumble

    to medical/health studnets, i got question

    get a pituitary tumour? that's all i can think of. just make sure you get it while your long bones are still growing! there is a procedure to lengthen you're legs and therefore give you some extra height (they basically crack your legs then attach metal pins through the bone and into a frame...
  10. vodkacrumble

    has anyone received interview letters yet?

    i think you could compete with Ja'mie King for a spot!
  11. vodkacrumble

    has anyone received interview letters yet?

    yes, i am aware what health care is really like - please note my signature...
  12. vodkacrumble

    an unfortunate name for an intern

    http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/04/21/1176697161188.html?from=top5 the poor girl!
  13. vodkacrumble

    has anyone received interview letters yet?

    i always wondered what they'd say if you said "well i'm really into, like, Grey's Anatomy and stuff", ha.
  14. vodkacrumble

    Nursing students

    hurrah! enjoy your time off, take a holiday because you won't get much of one next year!